1.) My ears hurt. Again. I want to cry. Allergies are off the charts, and my ears suck. More drugs. Wah, wah. wah.

2.) I need to develop a sudden and horrid allergy to chocolate, bread and butter.

3.) My old yellow dog has the most loud, yet peaceful snore.

4.) I need to work out tomorrow. Walk, yoga and something else.

5.) Um, Cowboys fans? I get your pain. Seriously.

6.) Another cold front. Yay. I hereby bequeath my entire paycheck to Atmos Energy. You are welcome.

7. ) Tomorrow is a busy day. Lots of shit to do, lots. Must be nice and find the special version of me.

Things I need to do:


1.) Work out. Seriously. Oh my droopy ass.

2.) Take down the exterior Christmas lights.

3.) Be less impacted by assholes.

4.) Figure out a way to navigate my day in a more productive way.

5.) Find some happy.