Todays blog post is brought to you by the letter T for thanks and the number 5 for FIVE THINGS I’m THANKFUL FOR.

1.) Because I’m lazy and I’m thankful that it rained today and  I didn’t have to water my plants. Thanks be to the rain.


2.) Yoga pants. Somedays, I’m just simply thankful for the pants of the yogi. Zippers simply don’t always do.



3.) I am thankful that I live in a place in which there is no snow. Conversely, I’m less thankful that my AC just kicked on, but I will happily take AC over snow. So, ya. Thanks for the lack of the white stuff.






4.) Amazon Prime. Oh dear sweet baby retail, how I love thee so. I could count the ways, but you make my life easy. Where else can i have delivered to my house, free of charge, an 8 pack of AAA batteries, a flood light and a box of Lara Bars just because I don’t want to go to Target? YOU MAKE ME COMPLETE AMAZON.



5.) Naps. Oh merciful heavens, there is almost nothing I would rather do than take a daily nap. Yeah. You read that right – NAP EVERY DAY. I loved naps as a baby, as a teen, liked them a little too much as a college student, and as a major insomniac, I embrace them now. Naps make the world a little sweeter for me (and those who have to deal with me.)


Final thoughts of the day:

1. Cancer sucks. Amy girl… Dog George Jefferson is waiting for your next visit. We love you.

2. Underemployment is less than awesome, but it gives me flexibility to do the most random of things. I appreciate that and am thankful for the good moments in long drawn out worrysome days.

3. Good thoughts going out to a sweet family member having a surgery tomorrow.

4. Thank YOU (and you, and especially YOU) for existing.