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oh what a glorious morning..

manifestos October 25, 2016


Ok, maybe not so much. it’s morning. it’s dark outside. I’m less crabby than I was yesterday. I slept for 5 glorious hours last night. I have a hot lunch date today with a friend and her glorious little baby. I’m going to eat SCHWARMA. Chicken glorious shwarma. Side note, I am moderately concerned about my level of excitement for Chicken Schwarma at 5am, but whatever.

happiness is good shwarma

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I was crafting the perfect blog post in my head. I was just tired enough not to get up and write it down, but man, it was eloquent. I was reflecting on the past 10 months and had some thoughts. Some intense, deep thoughts. Five hours later, they are literally gone with the wind.

Here is the gist of my late night musings- This year has been a year filled with change, interesting life choices and declarations of independence. I’ve had one hellacious surgery and getting ready to have another on Friday. I’ve spent more of my year in the boot than I’ve not and finally I’m going to address this issue. I have significantly fewer sinus infections post surgery than I’ve had in about 8 years, and for that I’m thankful. Now perhaps I can get back to the business of living once healed?

As I listen to Old Crow Music Show “Wagon Wheel”, I realize that this year hasn’t been “that bad.” Work has been steady, I’ve been able to pay for all of the things I’ve needed. I’ve done some work to the house and am getting ready to do a bit more. My yard is a mess, but whatever. I’ll get to that next year. I’ve gotten to go on a few adventures, one big road trip, and a few getaways to Austin. Next year, I’m going to branch out and hit the road a bit more. Marfa, Colorado, New Mexico and Port A are on my list of upcoming 2017 trips.

I’ve become a bit more selfish this year. I’m actually ok with that. I’ve grown up watching people live a life of partial martyrdom and frankly, I don’t want to go to the grave wondering “what-if?” If I want to go some place, I will go. If I want to eat something, I will. If I want that big shiny toy on the top shelf, I’m probably going to climb up and grab it. I’ve become selfish with my time. I’m less likely to spend hours dedicated to doing stuff that doesn’t bring me happiness. I’m even less likely going to spend any time doing stuff that doesn’t resonate with me.

Here is what I know to be true:

At some point on Friday, I’m going to have ankle and foot surgery that will repair about 20 years of damage done to my right ankle. I’m going to be stuck at home for a while, and that’s ok. I’m going to heal, try not to whack Georgie with my crutch, and hit PT with a vengeance. I want to do the 5.7 miles Great Turtle Trail run next fall. I want to join a paddle club next summer. I just want to move. I want to do. I want to fish and be outside. Holy shit, if I spend one more spring/summer either in a boot or in pain, I might just hack off this ankle and be done with it.

I’m absolutely over it being warm. Yesterday my air-conditioning kicked on and this overwhelming fit of rage took over me and I wanted to punch someone. One should NOT have to use their A/C at the end of October.

I need to write more. Professionally, personally, commercially. I love to write and I’ve gotten so very lazy.

I need to start working on my exterior illumination plan for the upcoming holidays.

It’s time for some action and some changes. I’m chuckling about the last sentence because I’m literally going to be stuck in bed for what might feel like forever starting on Friday, but MAN, will I have some plans.


I will strive not to be an asshole. This is a big one, but it’s worthwhile. While many are trying to climb the social ladders, to be leaders, to be everything to everyone, I just want to be less of an asshole, more of a decent person. That means that despite the whole “selfish” manifesto above, I need to think about impact. I need to make sure I’m not purposely being an asshole whenever possible. I mean, it’s probably going to happen, but let’s make Kate great again…


I swear to Jesus, if I hear you bitching about the results of the election and find out that you didn’t vote because you didn’t like either candidate, I’m going to stick you in a crate with George. Seriously.

As I discussed with my friend Leslie the other evening, it’s probably going to be good that I’m locked up in my house between now and election day. I just want it to be over. I’m only going to watch West Wing and Romantic Comedies. And Football. And maybe some cartoons. BUT I’m OVER IT.

Be a fucking grown up, weigh out your options and go vote. Vote in your local elections, vote at the state level and for the love of all that is good and holy VOTE FOR PRESIDENT. Now, if you know me, you should know who I’m voting for. But I won’t try to sway you or anything. Let’s just say I’m off creamsicles for the near future and have a weird desire to listen to Janet Jackson. I know that some of you don’t agree with me and that’s ok. I mean, I’ll still break bread with you after this is all over. And probably drink some wine. Or some vodka. Let’s just put this behind us and move on. Hopefully. I have hope.


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Music Makes the Mind Wander

random me July 18, 2014

VM 005_2012 - 010(169).jpg

I’ve been in a weird cycle of data analysis for the past 18 hours. Lots of hours sitting, pouring over countless spreadsheets of data- bids, clearing prices, and other industry jargon of boringness.

To keep myself company, I’ve been playing through ALL of my music- Two iPods and a Zune. Yes, I really had a Zune. Still love it actually. ANYHOO…I just found myself listening to Pinky, my original iPod, circa 2003-2006.  First of all, I’m going to disclose something that is going to be a total shock to ANYONE THAT HAS EVER MET ME: I am a sucker for a good romantic ballad. Yep, I know, shocking right?

I just heard a Heather Headley song play “I Wish I Wasn’t In Love”. Oh dear sweet baby peach cobbler… I’m sure there was an intention for this song. I’m 99% sure, I probably sat around drinking an alcoholic beverage dedicating this song Casey Kasem style to some GUY. The best part of all of this? I have ZERO concept of who would have evoked this level of passion and dedication during the time of this particular iPod. Sure, there were some semi romantical flings, but I’m 99.9998% sure that there wasn’t a gent out worthy of this level of passion in a song.

Or perhaps there was.

It’s interesting to me how caught up we get in moments. Be it romantical (i’m trying to make this word a “thing”- bear with me), work related, friend related, it’s amazing to me how caught up we get in the instant heat of a crisis/moment, or perceived tragedy.

Think about it, Johnny Paycheck hated his job* so much that he wrote this little diddy:

Alanis was SO pissed off at Dave Coulier**that she wrote this magnificent dedication:

My point, and I’m trying to get there, is that music triggers emotions, thoughts, and other overwhelming feelings***. It is something that we carry with us, in our heads for years after we heard the song, tying back an emotion, a memory or a song.

I will say this, I just heard this song, and I’m not going to lie, I totally remember the intention, the memory and the “feelings.” Then again, who wouldn’t remember cruising through DC with an amazing girlfriend blasting this and singing at the top of our lungs  “SHE GOT YOU FOR 18 YEARS”


* Tell me – is there a person out there that hasn’t wanted to blast this song at their workplace at some point?

**Side Note, it’s only rumors that cause me to share the fact that Alanis was banging Uncle Joey and wrote this song as an ultimate “Screw you”

*** I’m guessing the cool kids would probably say “feels”, but I would rather give myself a lobotomy than non ironically use “feels” in a sentence.


resolutions schmesolutions

random me January 1, 2014

Directly copied and pasted from last years resolutions. Not so shockingly, I’m still thinking the same things. Including nutritive versus cheesy and leopard print.
2013- Goal

1.) Eat less shit food and more delicious, healthy food. Challenge myself to cook with purpose instead of pure gluttony. Aka, nutritive versus cheesy, gooey deliciousness.
2014 Update: Still bitching about cheese.
2013- Goal

2.) Move more. The world is not going to come crashing down if I don’t start working every morning before 7am. Use that time as my own and walk/jog/gym.

2014- Update.

So ya. The gym. Need to reunite. You know you are in a bad place when you announce loudly in a French restaurant “my waist is being suffocated by my jeans.”

2013 Goal

3.) Work on my leopard print problem. I really need to ease off this Peg Bundy thing I’ve got brewing. Amendment to Resolution #3- Modify the amount of daily leopard. Perhaps one shouldn’t wear a sweater, gloves and undergarments on the same day. Use the leopard like a spice- a little goes a long way…

2014 Update

Um. So. Ya. 

Ongoing process.

2013 Goal

4.) Say yes more often. Pull the stick out of my sizable ass (refer back to resolution #2) and stop worrying about stuff. Just have fun. But not too much leopard print fun (cross reference resolution #3)

2014 Update

I’m honestly doing better at this one. Rather proud.

2013- Goal

5.) Be ok with the fact that sometimes people just do/act/think/say things in a very different way that I do. Know that there isn’t anything I can do to change them and just focus on good things. Sub resolution a. – realize that sometimes friendships have an expiration date.

2014- Update

I’m awesome. If people don’t like me, they can kiss my grits.


My main goal this year is to keep my head above water.

Keep the house dry.

Keep the dogs healthy.

Find some happiness.


The rest of the stuff, it will happen. Or it won’t. Either way, I’m a big ole work in progress.



random me December 31, 2013

Life has been rather adventuresome in the past 4 months.

I realized that I’ve been surrounded and supported by some of the greatest people.

I have good friends and family.

I have amazing clients.

I have two dogs of labradorian lineage that keep me on my toes.

For almost two decades, I have been blessed with a sister from another mother who gets me, and supports me.

For almost a decade, I have a guy friend that has seen me in the scary yoga pants, poured a vodka when I needed it and called me a doltish jackass when I need the laugh.

I have new friends that I’m blessed to have in my life. Ones that sit on the back patio and just are THERE when I need them.

I have old friends who teach me what it’s like to be an Eagles fan. (Don’t ask, it’s complicated.)

I have my family and the families that have chosen me to be a part of their family.

I look forward to 2014. I look forward to a new year fresh without any mistakes in it. (Yet)

I crave new adventures. I look forward to the next chapter in the story of me.

Happy 2014. May this be the best  year yet. We are lucky to be alive to see the turning of the calendar.

Hug someone today, won’t you?


This Kid Has Moves

random me November 24, 2013

My mom sent me this today- the most adorable kid has a dance off with the usher at Detroit Pistons Palace of Auburn Hills. I ask you- who won the dance off at the Pistons? The kid or the usher?