yesterday I went down a rabbit hole of broadway goodness… first off, I started watching this fabulous video :

I mean, can you even? I love the mask laying so very casually on LMM piano. So, after watching this, I went down a very lovely rabbit hole of some of my favorite musicals, in honor of ALW and Stephen Sondheim’s birthday. I came up with an idea that is surely going to give me at least a few hours of entertainment… I’m going to play Musical Connect the Dots… kinda like 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but much less thought put into it. I want to listen to a full musical each day and then the following day, play one that is somehow connected to the prior.

In honor of watching Andrew Lloyd Weber above, I decided to give a listen to an oldie but goodie, “Phantom of the Opera”- with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman.

This was fun listening as I was doing a breathing treatment and spraying some antibiotics up into my sinus cavities. A long rambling explanation of what I’m going to do is here:

Posted by Kate Grigal on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Basically, here is the gist- find a musical that you love- broadway, movie, tv, don’t care. Watch it. Turn it up- fill your home with music. Tomorrow, find a musical that is connected to the one you watched today. Turn it up, fill your home with music. Keep on going. Feel free to follow along with me on my Facebook Page or here in the comments.

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