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Storylines, Willie and Waylon

random me November 5, 2020

First and foremost, I’ve recently discovered this song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings and I’m obsessed. It was released in 1978, and I honestly never heard it until this summer. I am flat out in love with this song and it’s just about such bad things. Whereas this song is not about storylines, for your listening pleasure, I offer you this little nugget from the seventies.

Now that I’ve shared with you my latest song love, let’s talk about my thoughts around storylines.

Definition of story line

the plot of a story or drama

While meditating today, I listened to a session around getting past the storylines that you create in your own mind. It gave me such pause, and here is why: without storylines, what on earth do people think about? I create a storyline for every single scenario.

I hear a noise in the back of my house and immediately craft a story that some creature has gotten into the house and obviously is starting a new family in my laundry room.

Someone is late for a lunch appointment? Surely this means that they have run away to have the worlds greatest adventure.

A guy doesn’t call me back, or ghosts after a few dates? Alien abduction. The end.

My brain has always created storylines for every possible scenario and I didn’t realize until today, that by doing so, I was creating a false narrative that eventually I would begin to believe myself.

When you are a pretty lonely kid living away from most humans, you find ways to entertain yourself- for me, I was either rabidly reading anything I could get my hands on, or creating up entire stories in my head.

Listening to the meditation tonight about not letting the storylines you create in your head become a reality blew me away. Is there a way to stop a brain from creating these narratives?

Am I the only one who creates storylines? Is this normal or have we finally found the reason why I need to go take a long medically induced nap?

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manifestos August 7, 2019

In typical Kate fashion, I woke up starving this morning. Pretty sure it’s all in my head, but there is nothing I can do about the hunger in my belly. I’m on a clear liquids diet today in preparation for some tests tomorrow. Of course, I’m hungry. That’s what I do. I want the things I can’t have. Typical me.

Truthfully, I rarely eat breakfast, so I’m chuckling at myself this morning. My brain knows I can’t have breakfast so therefore it’s telling me “dude, you really want breakfast.” Yes, my brain refers to me as “dude.” Doesn’t yours?

I’m going to keep pretty busy today to avoid the desire to binge/graze/eat all of the foods. I actually am excited about a 36 hour fast (says no one ever.)

I’m excited to get to the roots of my GI issues and maybe figure out why I can’t really drink wine anymore without burning firelike feels in my esophagus.

It makes for a great date- “darling, hand me a bottle of tums please.”

(Imagine me rolling my eyes.)

Speaking of dates, I’ve not been on a good one in a while. I had signed up for Bumble a month ago, and I am blown away by how many men are out there that really like taking photos of themselves in bathrooms. I’ll take a car selfie (yes, me, the Queen of Car Selfies), before I see one more toilet in the back of a selfie. Nothing says “ladies, I’m single and ready to mingle” than seeing a messy sink and toilet in the back of a photo.

Truthfully, I was asked out on a date last week. I was asked out on a date by a guy that was actually married, but he liked to go to dinner with ladies and go home to his wife.

Wait, what?

I can’t.

Not even for a free dinner.

Crap, now I’m thinking about food again.

Happy Wednesday.

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que sera sera

Leave it to Sly

manifestos November 19, 2017

For me often, it starts with a song.

Tonight, while cleaning up a kitchen that has fed many, I was quietly standing there, wiping down the counter when this song came on:

Immediately, as if time travel actually existed, I was transported back to my little apartment on West Annie 17 years ago. 

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Creature of Habit + Distraction

rants April 18, 2017

= Disaster.

Period, end of story. Every morning, I wake up and do the same thing.

Every Tuesday (trash day), I water the inside plants, sweep up, and take the trash out.

Daily, upon rude awakening by his royal asshole George, I get up, let the dogs out, grab some type of caffeine source, say “good morning” Alexa and then grab my phone while my brain starts to de-fuz.

Today is Tuesday, therefore, I do three extra things. This should not be complicated. I have been doing some variation of this morning for years. I’m 40.

I wake up, grab a 5 Hour Energy, turn on Alexa (who played a most exceptional song, see below), might have brushed my teeth and I immediately started picking up. I know, I know, I’m weird. Whatever.

So I am going around, picking up any bits of trash for disposal, collected up recycle stuff, and realize I didn’t put up (away) the big ass bag of dog food I purchased last night.

I grab a knife, hack open the bag (because scissors were too far), pick up the bag and dump it into the trash can.

Yes, the trashcan.

At least 25% of the bag of not cheap dog food went into the trash. Meanwhile, the dog food container was literally right behind me. Oh, and yes, I saved most of the food. My dog licks his butt, he can eat trash can food. He is not that delicate.


My brain is not firing on all cylinders.

Admittedly, I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’ve got work, volunteer stuff, social stuff, personal life stuff, etc. I got news this morning from a friend that really threw me for a loop and I think I was just kind of walking around in a haze. Clearly. Normal people do not throw away dog food.

Sometimes it’s worth while to mix it up. Shake up the routine of life. Throw in a little distraction to ensure that you don’t end up walking around chanting ” Ten minutes to Wapner.”

However, this morning, distraction is a little too much. I just threw away dog food. When brushing my teeth, I grabbed moisturizer to place on the tooth brush. Instead of sweeping, I’m typing this.

My brain is full.

Instead of trying to write anymore, I’m going to show you the song that I was listening to this morning. Send some good thoughts my way, at the rate I’m going, it’s entirely probable that I might walk into traffic taking the trash out.


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Things That Make Me Happy.

What Makes You Happy?

manifestos January 29, 2017

Greetings and Salutations.

My friend Leslie gave me a book for Christmas called “52 Lists for Happiness” and I decided to parlay that into a blog project of sorts. Additionally, I have created a self-mandate to blog at least once a week on Sunday, and I’ve already #bigly failed at that, so I decided to write this grammatical nightmare of a sentence and work on a list. WHOA. HORRIBLE GRAMMAR. Next blog post “why I should never write for a living.”

Today’s list “Things That Make Me Happy.”


  • George, the dog is less awful than he was 2 months ago. I mean, there is absolute progress. In fact, he was almost awesome today. I say almost because while talking to my buddy John this morning, a fire truck drove by. Every dog in the neighborhood started barking. George, my half basset/half lab dug deep inside himself and started this slow, horrible howl song that made me actually yell and him and say “STOP THAT OH SWEET BABY JESUS DONT LEARN HOW TO HOWL.” But ya, he is less awful than he was before.  To see more of Georges adventures, why not follow me on Instagram and keep up with the #dailydogjeffersons antics.
  • I love cozy pjs. Soft, cozy pjs. I’m rocking some amazing leisure wear tonight and that makes me happy.
  • I do believe I have perfected the Zehnder’s buttered noodle recipe. It’s really not complicated, but it’s cozy and delicious and probably reason #459 why I am the size of a small planet. What is Zehenders you ask? I feel like that should be it’s own blog post, but for right now, read THIS.
  • I purged my closet (again.) I know what I have, what I am likely to wear and have a big pile of clothes ready to go be donated. If I keep passing this stuff by, there is literally no point in keeping it. PLUS, my closets are not big enough to have a wardrobe of multiple sizes/seasons/clothes that I may or may not ever wear again. Plus, I need to shrink my ass out of these clothes and then treat myself to new things. So ya. Um. Purged my closet today.
  • Slug Sundays are my favorite. Minimal human interaction. Unapologetic naps. Cozy clothes and yummy food. Naps. Did I mention naps?
  • Friends. Duh. As Bette would say “you’ve got to have friends…”

So, friends, random strangers from the Interwebs and those who quietly consume what I read, but never pick up and call… WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?




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Music Makes the Mind Wander

random me July 18, 2014

VM 005_2012 - 010(169).jpg

I’ve been in a weird cycle of data analysis for the past 18 hours. Lots of hours sitting, pouring over countless spreadsheets of data- bids, clearing prices, and other industry jargon of boringness.

To keep myself company, I’ve been playing through ALL of my music- Two iPods and a Zune. Yes, I really had a Zune. Still love it actually. ANYHOO…I just found myself listening to Pinky, my original iPod, circa 2003-2006.  First of all, I’m going to disclose something that is going to be a total shock to ANYONE THAT HAS EVER MET ME: I am a sucker for a good romantic ballad. Yep, I know, shocking right?

I just heard a Heather Headley song play “I Wish I Wasn’t In Love”. Oh dear sweet baby peach cobbler… I’m sure there was an intention for this song. I’m 99% sure, I probably sat around drinking an alcoholic beverage dedicating this song Casey Kasem style to some GUY. The best part of all of this? I have ZERO concept of who would have evoked this level of passion and dedication during the time of this particular iPod. Sure, there were some semi romantical flings, but I’m 99.9998% sure that there wasn’t a gent out worthy of this level of passion in a song.

Or perhaps there was.

It’s interesting to me how caught up we get in moments. Be it romantical (i’m trying to make this word a “thing”- bear with me), work related, friend related, it’s amazing to me how caught up we get in the instant heat of a crisis/moment, or perceived tragedy.

Think about it, Johnny Paycheck hated his job* so much that he wrote this little diddy:

Alanis was SO pissed off at Dave Coulier**that she wrote this magnificent dedication:

My point, and I’m trying to get there, is that music triggers emotions, thoughts, and other overwhelming feelings***. It is something that we carry with us, in our heads for years after we heard the song, tying back an emotion, a memory or a song.

I will say this, I just heard this song, and I’m not going to lie, I totally remember the intention, the memory and the “feelings.” Then again, who wouldn’t remember cruising through DC with an amazing girlfriend blasting this and singing at the top of our lungs  “SHE GOT YOU FOR 18 YEARS”


* Tell me – is there a person out there that hasn’t wanted to blast this song at their workplace at some point?

**Side Note, it’s only rumors that cause me to share the fact that Alanis was banging Uncle Joey and wrote this song as an ultimate “Screw you”

*** I’m guessing the cool kids would probably say “feels”, but I would rather give myself a lobotomy than non ironically use “feels” in a sentence.