Pretty Simple Stuff Here:

1 Box of Borax

1 Box of Laundry Soda (kinda like baking soda, but not)

2 Bars of Fells Naptha Soap



Are you sitting down? This is so easy you might need to read it twice.

Step One: Grate soap

Step Two: Dump grated soap into a trash bag

Step Three: Empty two other boxes of stuff in same trash bag

Step Four: Shake the trash bag like a polaroid picture

Step Five: Put mixture into containers

Step Six: Use 2 TBL of mixture in your machine BEFORE you put the clothes in and AFTER you have started filling up washer with water.


Questions that I’ve been asked:

1.) Will this work in a Front Loader? I don’t know. I don’t have one.

2.) Do I need to use fabric softener? I don’t know if YOU need to use fabric softener, but I do.

3.) Does this work? I think so.

4.) Is it worth the time to make it instead of just buying a big ole tub of detergent? Hard to tell. Kept me occupied, and these days, thats all that matters.