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With Just a Little Bit of Elbow Grease

craft me, pinterest successes January 21, 2014

and Murphy’s Oil soap, and I managed to breathe some life in these “new to me”wood  rocking chairs for my porch.

The situation: How do I clean up wood rocking chairs?

The solution: Murphy’s Oil Soap, Warm Water, and Some Elbow Grease.


* Never get the chair/furniture too wet.

* Use an old rag or dishcloth.

* Let try outside

* To add a little extra shine, put a tiny bit of Murphy’s Oil Soap on a clean, dry rag and rub into the wood after you have let furniture dry.

Less than an hour later, I’ve got these wood rocking chairs looking pretty decent if I do say so myself.

How to Clean Wood Chairs

just call me Alice

random me November 12, 2013

I woke up this morning with an overwhelming urge to clean. A deep clean urge, typically reserved for when I break up with a man (rarely) orbecome employment challenged (ahem). Considering that one of the two life events has happened recently, I did a pretty good scrub to the house about 6 weeks ago. However…

My house, filled with two filthy dogs of labradorian lineage, needs some lovin. Recently, my dogs seem to have started tracking in exponentially more dirt than normal. As in, FILTHYAMOUNTS OF DUST. As I did the morning shuffle to the back of the house to let the pups out, I noticed that my house was looking less than. I consumed my daily dose of 24 Hour Energy, and got online. Found a plethora of lists dedicated to fall cleaning, printed one out, and now I’m ready to go.

Truthfully, the timing is perfect. I don’t have a ton going on today- few phone interviews and that’s it. I could pretend that I have a ton of contract work to be completed, but let’s face it, that’s not happening today. I could nap again today, but well, that’s boring. Instead I’m going to feather my nest, clean and get ready for the FIRST FREEZE OF THE YEAR.

By the by, if you are reading this from the DFW area, you must be living under a rock if you don’t know that it’s going to freeze tonight. The newscasters and my boy Pete Delkus have been talking about this for a week. I got an email from a local garden company reminding me what to do with THE FREEZE. I got an email from this company reminding me to leave water dripping in my pipes. Sigh. Slight tangent here: I’m originally not from Texas. I grew up in Michigan where it got cold early and stayed that way for a long time. The winter season wasn’t news worthy. People just knew what to do. I’ve been down here for almost 13 years now, and I still snark when I hear the “FIRST FREEZE OF THE YEAR” alerts. Seriously people, it’s all caps worthy.

Back to cleaning. My plan today is to scrub my house, attack the bathrooms, put on a big pot of some kind of soup and make some bread.  I’m trying to take a craptastical (see what I did there) mood and push my way through it.  I’m really hoping that more work comes through very, very soon.  There might be a post tomorrow about what it feels like to be in your late 30’s, underemployed in a market filled with people younger and cheaper than you. Or maybe I won’t.

Either way, today, I’m embracing my inner Alice.


ho-made laundry soap

craft me, pinterest successes October 21, 2013



Pretty Simple Stuff Here:

1 Box of Borax

1 Box of Laundry Soda (kinda like baking soda, but not)

2 Bars of Fells Naptha Soap



Are you sitting down? This is so easy you might need to read it twice.

Step One: Grate soap

Step Two: Dump grated soap into a trash bag

Step Three: Empty two other boxes of stuff in same trash bag

Step Four: Shake the trash bag like a polaroid picture

Step Five: Put mixture into containers

Step Six: Use 2 TBL of mixture in your machine BEFORE you put the clothes in and AFTER you have started filling up washer with water.


Questions that I’ve been asked:

1.) Will this work in a Front Loader? I don’t know. I don’t have one.

2.) Do I need to use fabric softener? I don’t know if YOU need to use fabric softener, but I do.

3.) Does this work? I think so.

4.) Is it worth the time to make it instead of just buying a big ole tub of detergent? Hard to tell. Kept me occupied, and these days, thats all that matters.