I should preface this entire post to clarify something (in case there was ANY question.)

I am a huge, unapologetic dork of a human.

It is Friday night, 9:09 to be specific, and I am in pink flannel pjs (sexpot in the making), in bed with the Dog Jeffersons (ya, i’m breaking about 19 dog rules with this one) and I’m flipping between Bridget Jones Diary and Love Actually. Clearly I’m jonesing for some British humor. ¬†Or just a way to perhaps dream about Hugh Grant. Or, let’s face it.. it’s all about Colin Firth. Floppy haired, yummy voiced Colin Firth.

So, let’s get started with the thanks.

1.) I’m thankful for the movies that both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth have pushed into the universe. I mean, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Pride & Prejudice. Bridget Jones (the first, not the second), Love Actually.. just to name a few.

2.) I’m thankful for the ability to figure out how to program my new universal remote. Dog George Jefferson decided that my REAL remote for the tv would make a most excellent chew toy, unlike the 98 toys and 47 bones that exist in the house. Thanks to Amazon, I am hooked up with a new remote, and this lazy human being can flip channels with ease.

3.) Alan Rickmans voice. Do I need to go on? I’m an immense sucker for a guy that gives good voice. He literally has played the voice of God. (Check out Dogma if you don’t know what I’m talking about that this very moment.)

4. Sleeping dogs. After a wild day with two insane energetic dogs of partial labradorian lineage, I have not one, but two black pups passed out cold. This is indeed thanks worthy.

5. Dinner with Caren. After a wild month, we both got to take a moment, and get together to catch up, eat dinner and shove 7 weeks of conversation in a few hours. Tis good. Tis very good.

6. I am thankful that I can be ok with the way things are right now. Far from perfect, far from hideous, they are just fine. I literally have the basics in life covered- food, water and shelter. I have a Netflix account, a working remote, and two pups that keep me preoccupied. I am thankful to have the ability to understand that life is constantly changing and that this current situation won’t always be as it is today. I am thankful to be able to look at this life, laying in bed (now watching a Frank Sinatra movie, Bridget Jones wasn’t doing it for me), and be OK with the fact that life moves on. Sometimes you move on with it, sometimes it moves on without you. Sometimes, hell, most of the time, it’s better that way. I have people in my life today that actually want to be in my life. That’s pretty bad ass.

Good night, good night.

PS.. Friends that drop off a bag of groceries are amazing. You know who you are.

PSS… Friends that do a drive by visit in the middle of the afternoon have perfect timing, whether or not they realize it.

PSSS… Friends that call and offer you a new to you cell phone are even more bad ass

PSSSSSSSSSSSS…. Cancer is a big stupid head. Amy, as always, you are in my thoughts, on my heart and we are rooting for you.