When you are on day four, yes, four of having the world feel like you are still having the spins from a night of Jager and 80’s dancing, you need to find the silver lining, and but quick.

According to multiple apps- the ragweed is super duper high, and thankfully, I’m more allergic to Ragweed than anything else I can possibly be, except for Elm and Cedar. Oh wait, Elm is off the charts too. Magical.

So, my silver lining is that I am fortunate to have a job that I can work from home (and in bed) if need be.

I’m fortunate for my friends Kristie, Amanda and Leslie for keeping an eye on me this weekend. Leslie gets the badass award today, as she came to keep watch while I tried to take a shower without getting sick. The good news is that I was able to take a shower, I’ll spare you the rest of the story.

I’m fortunate for Kristie- her incredible generosity kept me fed and hydrated all weekend. I’m thankful for Amanda who kept an eye on me all day on Saturday.

I’m lucky to have a bat shit crazy dog that has been velcroed to me since I got home on Friday.

I’m fortunate to have a boss that is tolerant of my ear issues.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to drive anywhere today, because the idea of this hot mess of spinning behind the wheel is a bad idea for all people on 30E.

I have to play major catch-up today in between bouts of the world spinning above me, and the floor falling out from under me.

I am thankful for those who have texted, called and checked in.

I am thankful for those who will be tolerant of my slow responses today.

I am thankful to have gotten a shower this morning.

The weirdest part, when i am laying down, or hell, even siting at a recline, I feel almost human. The pressure in my ears has reduced enough that I can say that there is some progress. That being said, having a 6 inch needle blasted through your inner ear really fucks up (pardon my language) any hope for balance for a few days.  It’s just when I try to be mobile for more than 2 minutes, that I feel like a toddler trying to get her legs, and would rather just crawl.

Side note, me crawling isn’t cute. I haven’t had this level of vertigo since December, and I hope it’s another 9 months before I experience it again, if ever.

So, here I am, camped out in bed again, with clean hair, clean clothes, a plethora of juices/waters and teas. If I don’t move too much I can pretend that all is right in the world.

BTW- this is my theme song today: