Dear September,

I love you. I love you big. I have big feelings about you- you bring some of my favorite things- sub 100 degree weather, football of most kinds, cozy casual clothes, and longer nights to sit on the patio and drink wine.

I have been waiting for you since March. In case you weren’t caught up on life, we are in the middle of a hellscape that is 2020. September, please be a shining beacon of hope. Things aren’t great right now. Covid-19 is still a very real thing. We are in the middle of an election season that makes me want to just hide. California is on fire. I don’t even know what else to say. Things aren’t great. We need a break. A respite. A little September afternoon delight.

I want to go on a drive. I want to blast music and have the windows open.

I want to take a step outside in the morning on my way to get some miles in and say “oh September, I love you.”

I don’t need Spooky Season. I just would like a little change.

September, can you give me some variety?

Hugs and Kisses,


ps: the book is still happening. i’m writing there instead of here. i still have a job that needs attention as well as my house.

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