For the past few days, I’ve been working on the “strategic 2015 plan of kateness.” Yes, all lower case. I “love strategic planning” so much it deserves lower case. Whatever. If you want to read last years attempt at resolutions, head over to HERE

Let’s review the three mains from last year:

Keep the house dry. (NAILED IT. Getting a new roof this month.)

Keep the dogs healthy. (Um, hmm. Guster is struggling, but I’m getting him good care. Winning.)

Find some happiness. (This month has sucked, but some months do suck. I’ve laughed a lot this year, made new friends, and haven’t killed anyone. So yes, happiness achieved.)

ANYWAYS… I’ve been sitting on this for a bit, and prompted by my friend Rhonda, who penned something far better than I could, I offer you the following for review, opinions and judgement.

Drumroll please:

The 2015 Year Of Kateness Strategic Plan

  1. Get off my fat ass and move more.
  2. Cheese must not be the primary source of protein in my diet. No, really, it can’t. (See #1)
  3. A hot man isn’t going to walk into my house and ask me to be his honey bunches of oats. Instead, I need to get out more.  (Refer to #1)
  4. For every thing that comes into this house, something must leave. One must not become a hoarder.
  5. Diversify my alcoholic beverage consumption.
  6. Always have 3 bottles of champagne in the house.
  7. Always have at least two kinds of cheese to make impromptu cheeseboard if company comes over to partake in #6. (Ignore #2 for this one.)
  8. Find my camera and take more pictures.
  9. Go places.
  10. Read books, not Facebook feeds.
  11. Make something.
  12. Finish the den. If you’ve seen it, you know.
  13. Snark less and wear less leopard. (Carry over from last year, I rather failed this one, so try again I shall.)


Happy 2015. Let’s hope this one sucks exponentially less than 2014.