It’s amazing to me how time heals.

You get over things.

You move on.

You forgive.

It’s been 7 years friend since you’ve passed.

At first, it was hard to breathe. It got easier. The tougher memories faded away and instead, I just remember that first night. I was a total sassafrass, picking up a tray and taking care of a table that I had ZERO business waiting on.  I’ll never forget the call when I heard that you had left us, entirely too early. You pushed me to be better, to grow, to put down the tray and focus on my career. I might not have always agreed with your methodologies, but in the end, I can look back and say with certainty that you helped me get back on track.

You were a part of my path, my story, a great tale to be told when I am old and crazy.

I think that it’s time to say good night Tokyo. Tuning out for the final time.