This time last week, I had a nasty stomach bug. I originally thought it was food poisoning, but it ended up being a crappy (pun intended) virus transferred to me by one of my little buddies. 30 long hours later, I was feeling better.

Coming back north over the weekend, I started to feel my allergies, ergo, my sinuses start to feel ick.

Yesterday, I was coughing and really wanted to rip off my nose. You know, take care of the allergen issues once and for all.

This morning, I woke up without a voice, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, my stomach feels like it did last week.

Do I just bleach my house from top to bottom?

Could I just be slowly dying for Texas Seasonal Allergies?

PS- please, please, please don’t google “the plague.” You will see things you can never unsee.
But seriously, why can’t I get 100% better? Is there a plague in my house? I’m slowly starting to clean everything with Lysol. And bleach. Lotsa bleach. Bleaching my sheets right now. Soaking my bathroom in bleach. Lysoling all of the counter tops.


Is it possible that this is just in my head? That I really feel ok, but I’m just crazy? Is it possible that the medicine I take daily for allergies is just useless? ┬áHas my body rejected everything and is saying “screw you Kate, we give up?


My goal- take the mission critical phone call today at 10. Nap. Post for my clients. Nap. Optimize a few accounts. Nap. Last call at 4:30. Go to bed.