Today is a roundabout day of “thanks.”


I am thankful that I live in a society that allows me to freely share my opinions. Now, I piss people off regularly with said opinions, but they are my own. My opinions reflect not that of my employer, the associations in which I graciously donate my time, nor do they reflect my friends and family.

I feel that in todays society, we have become somewhat handcuffed to political correctness. We fear offending anyone, therefore we soften the edges of who we are (and what we want to say) in order to appease the largest common denominator. We cultivate our opinions so that we do not offend, and worse, fail to share our opinions at all.

I believe that this needs to stop.

I think we need to be able to agree to disagree.

I think we need differences of opinion.

We need to be able to look across a table and say “I’m sorry, but I believe you to be wrong.”

We need to be able to have a lively debate. Educated and energetic, to look at multiple sides to an issue.

I feel that we need to be able to say ” I disagree” more often, without fearing repercussions. I think that it is absolutely ok to have a differing opinion and I encourage people to share it.

I will not shame you for your different way of thinking.

I will welcome you in my home if you believe leopard print is hideous. I believe that it is magical, but I’m not going to try to squash your way of thinking.

I am thankful for opinions, especially opinions that differ from mine. How boring a world would we live in when all would think the same way and believe the same things? I see that world as a place filled with little minions.

To that, I say “eew.”

Have a good Wednesday. I’ve got a jillion things to do today and hope to be successful at about 3/4 of the items that I need to get completed.