I say “thank you” to the Dog Jeffersons.

george and weezie dog-jefferson

Dog Jeffersons

They bring me laughter. They bring me angst. They bring me unbelievable frustration, but man, at the end of the day, it’s amazing to come home to these two pups of questionable lineage (GO RESCUE DOGS.)

Right now, I am in bed, vying for space with Dog George Jefferson. Weezie, who knows her manners and HER PLACE, is perfectly laid out on HER bed, in the corner of the room. DOG GEORGE JEFFERSON has decided that he needs to lay ACROSS THE MIDDLE OF THE BED. This will not last.

Onwards to the rest of the thanks of the day.

I am very thankful that my hair is mostly grey these days. WHAT? Have I lost my mind? Probably. However… due to the current financial constraints, I can’t get my hairs did as much as I would prefer (already one week past comfort.) HOWEVER, I realized today that my roots aren’t “bad.” However “not bad” just means that they are coming in WHITE, instead of whatever hair color my hair really used to be. The real hair color is a mystery to most with the exception of my stylist, who sees whats happening. So, ya. Thank you grey hair, you are making me stretch out the upkeep on my oh-so not natural blonde hair.

I’d like to think I still have hair like this:


But, in reality, it’s probably more like this:


Finally, I’m thankful for my cousin Amy. I literally talk to her every day, multiple times a day. My rock. My common sense. My fellow binge bad tv watching partner in crime. Today we were discussing a rather important family issue and I said to her “if need be, I will be the Shirley MacClane in Terms of Endearment.” I meant it. If you ever need anyone to go screaming batshit crazy cousin, I’m your girl. Most likely, by the time that might be needed, I’ll be old and crazy anyways.. so we are so very good.


So, anyways… these might not be the deepest of thoughts, but they are things I’m thankful for… onwards to a new day, new adventures…xoxox