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I’ve been in a weird cycle of data analysis for the past 18 hours. Lots of hours sitting, pouring over countless spreadsheets of data- bids, clearing prices, and other industry jargon of boringness.

To keep myself company, I’ve been playing through ALL of my music- Two iPods and a Zune. Yes, I really had a Zune. Still love it actually. ANYHOO…I just found myself listening to Pinky, my original iPod, circa 2003-2006. ¬†First of all, I’m going to disclose something that is going to be a total shock to ANYONE THAT HAS EVER MET ME: I am a sucker for a good romantic ballad. Yep, I know, shocking right?

I just heard a Heather Headley song play “I Wish I Wasn’t In Love”. Oh dear sweet baby peach cobbler… I’m sure there was an intention for this song. I’m 99% sure, I probably sat around drinking an alcoholic beverage dedicating this song Casey Kasem style to some GUY. The best part of all of this? I have ZERO concept of who would have evoked this level of passion and dedication during the time of this particular iPod. Sure, there were some semi romantical flings, but I’m 99.9998% sure that there wasn’t a gent out worthy of this level of passion in a song.

Or perhaps there was.

It’s interesting to me how caught up we get in moments. Be it romantical (i’m trying to make this word a “thing”- bear with me), work related, friend related, it’s amazing to me how caught up we get in the instant heat of a crisis/moment, or perceived tragedy.

Think about it, Johnny Paycheck hated his job* so much that he wrote this little diddy:

Alanis was SO pissed off at Dave Coulier**that she wrote this magnificent dedication:

My point, and I’m trying to get there, is that music triggers emotions, thoughts, and other overwhelming feelings***. It is something that we carry with us, in our heads for years after we heard the song, tying back an emotion, a memory or a song.

I will say this, I just heard this song, and I’m not going to lie, I totally remember the intention, the memory and the “feelings.” Then again, who wouldn’t remember cruising through DC with an amazing girlfriend blasting this and singing at the top of our lungs ¬†“SHE GOT YOU FOR 18 YEARS”


* Tell me – is there a person out there that hasn’t wanted to blast this song at their workplace at some point?

**Side Note, it’s only rumors that cause me to share the fact that Alanis was banging Uncle Joey and wrote this song as an ultimate “Screw you”

*** I’m guessing the cool kids would probably say “feels”, but I would rather give myself a lobotomy than non ironically use “feels” in a sentence.