sunday morning

Despite the fact that yesterday was the first day of Summer, it sure as heck doesn’t feel like summer here in Texas. The weather has been gorgeous. We’ve not yet hit 100 (praise Nordstrom), and my flowers are still alive.

This morning, I woke up late (for me). 7:15am, I woke up before the dogs. Seriously, that is a very big thing. Normally Dog 1 and Dog 2 wake me up before God wakes up and demands their morning feed. Instead, they were both zonked out to the sound of rain.

As my Martha would say “that’s a good thing.”

So, here I sit. Listening to an exceptionally cheesy station on Pandora (70’s inspired), blogging and looking out my front door. Things are just green and happy.

I have a list of crap I need to do today- organize the office, finish up laundry, freshen up the bathroom, blah blah blah. What I want to do is hunker down with a stack of books and just enjoy the day. If this is the hardest decision I need to make, then I’m doing all right.

There is a wee part of me that wants to head to the kitchen and bake something. Anything. Perhaps a loaf of bread, or a fruit tart of some kind. Maybe I will. Part of me also wants to swing to the Dallas Farmers Market and buy a box of something to can. I’d like to do tomatoes, pickles, peaches and strawberry jam this summer. Maybe I will, or maybe I’ll just lay around doing nada. Either way, it’s a good day.

Side note, my water hating labradors are boycotting going outside. I’m almost ok with that, because Fat Bastard Gus, just bathed yesterday, has a HORRIBLE habit of finding the nastiest mud puddle and goes swimming. Weezie, on the other hand, hates rain, thunder, wind, well, anything out of her normal. I’m probably going to have to leash her up soon and force the issue.

It’s odd- I haven’t really done anything in the kitchen lately. I’ve been eating out a fair amount, or just picking around food I already have. I feel a summer feast brewing. I want to grill delicious meats. Have a heaving table filled with summer salads and sides. Stock the buffet with pitchers of sangria and other yummy summer beverages. Make a plethora of pies. Ummm…pies.

(Perhaps I need to eat breakfast, maybe that will satiate my need for pie.) Screw that, I love, love, love pie.

I feel like this post should have been meatier, deeper, more bloggity blog. Instead, I’m going to transfer my mood to type and leave it that.

How are you spending your Sunday?