In which I declare “It’s ALIVE.”


It, being me. And alive, rather than the zombie like existance I’ve been dealing with for the better part of ten (10) days, and really feeling craptastical since August.

If you don’t know what Mel Brooks movie in which I speak, I strongly suggest you figure out a way to see “Young Frankenstein.”

Yes, I know I just compared myself to a monster, but in reality, I’ve been laying on my back more than I’ve been upright since I’ve been home from the parentals. I’ve been grunting, groaning, and practicing making weird noises to amuse myself. Ok, I might have been inspired by the scene in When Harry Met Sally when Harry practices moaning. You know, just in case.

I’ve been an admitted hot mess. Work is well, going, and how I’ve been keeping up is rather baffling, but I can thank my flexible job and being able to knock out things at all hours. Luckily I work from home and no one has been the wiser to the fact that I have spent more time in bed than anywhere else.  My friends and family (Amy, I’m looking at you) have been outstanding checking in, making sure that I don’t need anything. It’s hard to explain that from the neck down, I feel fine, but the area on/around my ears makes me want to toss myself off the high-five.

Had doctors appointment #987 this morning. The infection in both ears -canal and middle ear, is finally starting to dissipate, however, the hearing loss isn’t really improving. It’s weird- i feel like things are just muffled. Some sounds, voices, etc, I can hear just fine, but other things, lower in the register, are damn near impossible. Loud noises are the worst, and I’ve kept myself pretty restricted to 1:1 conversations. The next few days are going to be most interesting.

During all of this time in bed, I’ve come to a few realizations:

1.) There is an end to the internet, and I’ve found it. If you want to check it out- go HERE. 

2.) My friend John consistently makes me laugh. Even when he calls me a doltish jackass. Still. After all these years.

3.) Online shopping and very high doses of narcotic grade pain pills isn’t a great combination. At all. I bought a halloween phone cover. Ya, because I really need one of those.

4.) Did you know that you can see the edits that someone makes on Facebook? Yep, you can totally see how OCD some people are in correcting their posts. It’s kinda awesome to see people worry so much about the inclusion, or exclusion of an exclamation point. It’s a good thing that I am a grammatical nightmare. I just let it all roll. Good thing my AP English teacher isn’t on Facebook. Oh wait…

5.) I’ve watched every episode of The Cosby Show since August 25th. Yes, that’s a lot of tv. Yes, I am proud of that factoid.

6.) In less than 13 years, I shall be 50. Still processing that one. If I am going to birth a baby, I’ve got less than 2 years (self imposed deadline) to do so. At this rate, being a barren spinster keeps looking better and better. I don’t think I’ve got time for that.

I’m going to really hope that sleep comes soon. I’ve got a things to do, people to see, pants to purchase!