You know your day is going to be awesome when the first song you hear is Marvin Gayes “Let’s Get it On.” Moreover, when the second song you hear is Morris Day and the Mother Effing Time “Jungle Love” , you can expect nothing less than awesome for the day.

The day was guaranteed to be awesome when I heard this… are you kidding me? This is what I get to have in my ears this morning? Thank you Pandora, thank you:


Spring has hit in North Texas. The world is covered in green shit. I sneeze more than I talk. I blow my nose 24/7. I wake up and hit the Dymista and as I go to bed, I embrace a full dose of Benadryl.


Work is worky. No blog publishable opinion other than it’s just work. I did respond to an internal email this morning using the word “Giggity.” Google it. You will roll your eyes.


Weezie, the black dog is doing moderately well for a mostly crazy dog of black lab lineage. I constantly struggle with the idea of getting another dog. I am, at the core, lazy. The idea of a puppy wears me out, but the idea of getting an older dog makes me sad, knowing that their lifespan is shorter in comparison. Right now, Weeze is doing ok being an only pup, and I’m getting ok with the fact that Guster is actually not coming back from an extended trip to the groomer. (Last nights dream.) I still have nightmares about his death. One might say that I’m still pissed. One might be right.

I’m purging things lately- clothing, books, random crap I don’t need. Making room for something new and big. Or just making room. Making changes in this little life of mine. Ready for the next step. Really ready for a new phase. Excited about opening doors.

Other random thoughts:

* In my fridge I have 6 bottles of champagne, 2 bottles of club soda, pickles and ¬†yogurt. Sigh. Nutrition at it’s finest. My freezer is heaving with food as is my pantry. I just like to paint a picture of health and wellness.

* I am slightly obsessed with this blog: UnFancy

* Thanks to my friend Crystal, I have a big ole turkey in my freezer- I feel compelled to make this recipe: Lemon Turkey

* I really want to punch the person who screwed up the household budget. I really wanted to buy THIS, but stupid bills have to come first. Despite the fact that I am 38 years old, I still overspend. Or, in this case, I have to pay stupid money for stupid bills that we not budgeted. Stupid.

Final thought: Instead of writing epic Katifestos on Facebook, I’m going to try to parlay them into a blog. Try is the operative word. I’m really going to try.


Have a day that doesn’t suck why don’t you?