At the tone, the time will be 7:50something and I’ve not uttered one word out loud yet today. I wonder how long I can keep this going? It’s positively dreamlike to be quiet.

Here’s a little backstory. I’m a morning person. Hit the ground running morning person. HOWEVER, the past 10 days have been hellish- 4am calls with international clients. EVERY STINKING MORNING. What that means is that I open my yap at 4am with a “Hello, this is Kate The Incredibly Business Like Person” and I don’t stop talking until the Benadryl/Wine/Vodka or whatever sleep aid I grab kicks in.

Wait, that last paragraph made me sound like a bitchy pill popping human. I’m not. Really, I promise. I’m actually kinda nice, and only use ONE of the items to help me fall asleep. Promise.

Seriously though, the silence in my house this morning is kinda ooging me out. The dogs are shockingly well behaved and haven’t even barked at the next door neighbor. I can hear the whirring of the ceiling fans. As I just walked to brush my teeth, I realized, I didn’t even turn on my music this morning.

If I were to play music in my house this morning, it would sound like this:

Perhaps I am actually asleep. Is this all an exhaustion based dream? That would make more sense than my dogs not running around like idiots this morning. Or the fact that I’ve still not said a word. Does blogging count as words? I digress.

I also just realized that this might not be considered one of my finer works and I should probably find a way to gracefully wrap this up without as much dignity as I can muster.  To curry some favor, let me offer you the following:


  • 48 Days until it’s cool for me to lose my shit every Saturday. Also known as “NCAA FOOTBALL HEAVEN.” ¬†Read this article despite the fact that they rank OSU above my Michigan.
  • I’m pretty sure that I should finally take my big ole punch container out of the Amazon box and make this lusciousness.
  • If aliens were to travel to the planet earth, and stumble upon THESE TWO people, would they get the hell out of dodge?


In conclusion,

Have a good weekend. Be sweet to each other. Lay off the self aggrandizing idiocracy. Say hi to someone. Give someone else a hug. Heck, if you see me, give me a hug!

Have a Friday that makes your heart happy.





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