Everything is a-o-k. Or is that A-ok? You know your day is going to be epic when you literally fall out of bed. Yes, I fell out of bed this morning. I had, after a night of dreadful nightmares, got totally twisted up in my sheets. I got up to let the Black Cat Chasing Dog out… a cat had dared to come on property, and BOOM, I hit the ground like a ton of well, bricks.


Oh, I’m ok. I mean, I have cushion, but come on. Really? Fall out of bed at the age of 29? (Challenge me on my age and I most likely will punch you in your lower region.)


Everything is going to be all right. After picking myself up, I stumbled to the bathroom to survey the previous days aging. Yes, I look every morning for signs of seriously advanced aging. This mornings revelations were striking. I’ve got a SERIOUS need for de-sparkling of the head, and despite 6 hours of sleep, I look somewhat like a zombie. I hauled out the big guns this morning- the super expensive “face brightening formula” and prayed that I don’t see anyone right away this morning. But, the opposite of aging is death, so I guess I’ll take my 80% head of grey, and the new weird wrinkles by my eyes. And the bags. Dear sweet jesus, the bags under my eyes are awesome. But, they are indications that I am fighting the good fight and i’m here.

So, in theory, everything is ok.

Everything is ok with work. I mean, I woke up this morning to 42 emails since midnight about a project I’m working on. I have skypes from 4 developers and a client- and it’s not even 7am. We are alive and kicking and that is worth celebrating, not bitching.

Other random things I’m dwelling on this morning:

1.) I want to put a pink streak in my hair, but alas, I can’t. I have to present tomorrow to a group of advisors, so ya, that might diminish impact if I add fuschia to the hair.

2.) Eminems “Survivor” is my theme song today. It’s a pretty good hype song.

3.) I kinda miss The Dixie Chicks.

4.)  I have been dressed to work out for 1.5 hours, and yet, I’m sitting here, in my office, going down a music rabbit hole on Spotify and blogging. If you look up productive on the interwebs, somewhere there is a picture of moi. But I must work out. I have but one body and blah blah blah, yackity smackity.

So, in theory, life is just peachy keen. I have work, I have a big ass event on Sunday. I have overbooked myself today, tomorrow and well, for the next 5 days.

I want coffee, I want a hug.


That’s all.