I apologize in advance for this post.
While sitting in my living room, I hear what sounds like a rave being attended by 11,000 squirrels on my roof.

I then wished that I had some time of artillery to shoot warning shots through my ceiling, to scare the bejeebus out of said squirrels having a mosh pit on my roof.

disco squirrel
Then I realized that they might not be on the roof, instead, they might be up in the crawl space.
With all of the genius that I could muster, I started walking the length of the house taking a broom and hitting my ceilings to “scare” said squirrels away.

In the process, I hit a soft spot of a ceiling and well, made a bit of a mess.
I then had a moment of panic thinking that if a squirrel was in the crawl space, they could, essentially come through the mess that I just made.
So, I started yelling “GET OUT OF HERE” – You know, to the squirrels that may or may not be in my crawl space.
Meanwhile, I look at G&W- both passed out cold. I should have probably taken that as a hint that the squirrels weren’t in closer range.

I need to go sweep up the mess that I made of an already tragic ceiling issue.

I need to go open a bottle of wine.



As you were.