I want to come back as a dog. Specifically, a dog that I support and/or one of my friends “supports.”

My dogs.

Oh, my dogs.

Sweet natured, mostly quiet dogs who are big lumps of lazy. Especially on cold days like today, the laziness is really high. It’s as if they know it’s horribly windy outside, and they just hit the snooze button. Giving them a warm bath with the dog shampoo for shedding and letting them nap is the best.



Don’t get me wrong- they woke up, ate breakfast, went outside for 32 seconds.  Upon return into the household, the marathon napping continued.

There were brief interruptions when the big one, Gus, decided that he wanted to dig out a Kong that he hasn’t touched in three years. He woke up, went right to the toy box and grabbed it. Like he was saving it for a special day.


Weezie woke up at one point to deal with the squirrel that is hanging out in our eave.

They are both napping loudly right now. Loudly? Yes, both dogs of labradorian lineage are snoring loud enough that a participant on my last call heard Gusters train like snoring.

So, in conclusion, I want to be a dog. My humans would wonder- why my dog’s nose is dry– and get me sweet smelling balms and pretty accessories. Life will be easy.

Dogs have the option to wear cute clothes, OR walk around naked.

They can pee wherever they want.

People think they are mostly adorable.

So ya, I want to be a dog.