Do you ever just have a feeling that you are going to miss something in a day? Today, I’m strongly feeling that my carefully planned day, culminating in a beverage is going to go wonky somewhere.

My friend Heather hums when she gets stressed. Seriously, she starts this weird humming thing. Me? I tap my left foot. I was tapping away at 6:15 this morning when I was reviewing my schedule for the day, and wondering how the bloody hell am I going to get it all done. It’s not the actual work per se, it’s the logistics of the day. Uptown to Downtown to ARL to FW. Within a few hours.

I’ve already knocked out a few calls, and have a breather with external calls until 11, but then it just rolls on. Sometimes I wish I lived in a small town. A small town in which you could hit all corners within 15 minutes. That would be delicious. Instead, I live in one of the countries largest communities, and I’ll be logging over 100 miles today.

Oh, did I mention that my roof is jacked up too? Ya, that’s fun. Not going to lie, last night, when my bedroom started dripping, I became a different person. A less sweet person. A less kind person. A fire breathing bitchface person. Happily for me, I had a distraction, and a few text messages later, I was laughing so hard I didn’t care that I was getting dripped on in bed. Chinese water torture anyone? Come on over to Lavender Lane, and I’ll hook you right up.

Back to my cloning- In a perfect world, I would stay put today and figure out what needs to happen with the house. Instead, I need to go find my paycheck. Yep, you read that correctly, meet with some folks for lunch, swing by a client for a quick debrief, talk to developers (my favorite thing ever), and try to convince an agency to take a chance on me.

So, there you have it.

And since I mentioned it, here it is… I really, really, really love the hair.