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With Just a Little Bit of Elbow Grease

craft me, pinterest successes January 21, 2014

and Murphy’s Oil soap, and I managed to breathe some life in these “new to me”wood ¬†rocking chairs for my porch.

The situation: How do I clean up wood rocking chairs?

The solution: Murphy’s Oil Soap, Warm Water, and Some Elbow Grease.


* Never get the chair/furniture too wet.

* Use an old rag or dishcloth.

* Let try outside

* To add a little extra shine, put a tiny bit of Murphy’s Oil Soap on a clean, dry rag and rub into the wood after you have let furniture dry.

Less than an hour later, I’ve got these wood rocking chairs looking pretty decent if I do say so myself.

How to Clean Wood Chairs

But Say A Prayer…

pinterest failures, random me December 12, 2013

Oh, I do love me a good Christmas song with 80’s men singing with exceptionally large hair. And mullets. God, I love Bono and a mullet.

Bad blogger lately. Been maintaining the business of surviving lately. Nothing spectacular to report, but I’ll give you the highlights of late:


1. Ezra the Anti-Elf on the Shelf and I put together a rather spectacular half-assed attempt at a Gingerbread House yesterday. By the time we came around to the front of the house, I got bored, Ezra was drunk on Sugar, and a nap was needed.

Simple Gingerbread House

Simple Gingerbread House


I’m preparing for the 9th annual Christmas Cookie exchange. My heart is half into it this year. Money is tight, so I can do the things I normally love to do. Oh well, cookies are cookies. Women are women and well, it will happen with or without the crazy little extras I like to do. Today is “bake the cookie” day. Tomorrow is “Decorate the cookie Day.” Saturday is “MAKE NEW COOKIE IF THESE SUCK DAY.” ¬†Thanks to a darling friend however, I have a good amount of booze.

Cookie Exchange Booze

Cookie Exchange Booze


I thought about working out yesterday. I did. I really did. Instead, I watched my neighbor sit on his roof.



I started working on three new projects this week. Topics include craft cocktails, branding for small business and wait for it… vending machines.


The days, they are, if nothing, diverse.


12 Days Until Christmas Eve.

12 Days Left to Griswald my exterior. The interior is quite cracked out.

christmas tree decorating, christmas ideas

12 Days Left to make my presents.



12 Days Left to convince Santa that I really, truly would enjoy a man for Christmas. And the day after Christmas. And So on.


But seriously, what department do I need to communicate to Santa that I would like a real live man for Christmas? A fully employed man. A man with his stuff together. A non-Peter pan type man.


That’s what I want for Christmas. And a Red Rider BB Gun.


Please and thank you.






Blessings and Thanks

craft me November 1, 2013

Happy November. It certainly feels more fall-ish this morning- only 48 degrees. This makes me happy AND thankful that my darn A/C doesn’t have to be on.

I’ve got the folks in Central Texas on my mind today- the floods yesterday were crazy. A friend of mine posted that many won’t have basic services (electricity, gas, water) for a few weeks. Thats INSANE. I’m thankful that casualty number appears to be low.

I found a project on Pinterest (shocking) that I think I’m going to undertake this month. It basically has you hanging a small bit of paper with a daily blessing written down and attached to the tree. Since I lost my mind in September, I launched a Harvest tree (picture below), so I think I’m going to attach a daily thought/thankful and see if it helps me “set myself .

So, there you go. My November plan. To be thankful. To be present and to spend less time online.


ho-made laundry soap

craft me, pinterest successes October 21, 2013



Pretty Simple Stuff Here:

1 Box of Borax

1 Box of Laundry Soda (kinda like baking soda, but not)

2 Bars of Fells Naptha Soap



Are you sitting down? This is so easy you might need to read it twice.

Step One: Grate soap

Step Two: Dump grated soap into a trash bag

Step Three: Empty two other boxes of stuff in same trash bag

Step Four: Shake the trash bag like a polaroid picture

Step Five: Put mixture into containers

Step Six: Use 2 TBL of mixture in your machine BEFORE you put the clothes in and AFTER you have started filling up washer with water.


Questions that I’ve been asked:

1.) Will this work in a Front Loader? I don’t know. I don’t have one.

2.) Do I need to use fabric softener? I don’t know if YOU need to use fabric softener, but I do.

3.) Does this work? I think so.

4.) Is it worth the time to make it instead of just buying a big ole tub of detergent? Hard to tell. Kept me occupied, and these days, thats all that matters.