This morning, I woke up before God rose to have an interview with a company overseas. It was an interesting conversation, but unfortunately, the role isn’t suited to my background. They wanted a unicorn- someone incredibly highly analytical, a whiz with numbers AND the ability to manage the portfolio of their US clients. I was good with #1 and #3, but believe strongly that #2 might screw me. I am the one that is incapable of balancing my checkbook. It might still be a valid opportunity, but the risk is huge, and the math part scares me.


gerund or present participle: dabbling
  1. 1.
    immerse (one’s hands or feet) partially in water and move them around gently.
    “they dabbled their feet in the rock pools”
    synonyms:splashdippaddletrail; More

  2. 2.
    take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way.
    “he dabbled in writing as a young man”

After this conversation, I started thinking about the fact that I have had a WIDE variety of jobs, and careers. Yes, I bucketed them separately. It wasn’t until I was 30 that I didn’t have two jobs at once. Here is a little secret about me- I love the F&B industry, but it pays like crap. I managed to keep a job in the F&B world until I started working in Digital Marketing- I was travelling too much to be able to keep up two working schedules. I’ve waited tables, bartended, prepped, worked in multiple pastry kitchens, as well as managed a restaurant, a bar, and worked as a “new restaurant trainer” for a rather well-known Casual Dining place. I’ve worked for 6 hotels over the years, and the hotel work is my favorite.

But, it pays like crap unless you are fast tracked to management.

I finally realized that I wasn’t going to hit my economic goals in F&B and dedicated myself full-time to Digital Marketing. Don’t get me wrong- I miss, miss, miss the dramady of working in the Hospitality Industry. I miss the camaraderie and the mind-blowing business, but I don’t miss the crap hours and the random money.

Since 1998, the following is a list of jobs that I’ve held down:

Marketing Assistant- Gourmet Food & Wine Shop. This job introduced me to a part-time gig as a personal assistant working for a few higher profile people. Don’t ever underestimate getting a call at 12am to go buy someone a canned ham. Seriously.

Bridal Shop Cashier (HELL, ultimate hell)

Corporate Trainer/Waitress/Hostess/Office Mgr – Chain rest.

Expo- Hotel Kitchen

Pastry Chef- Hotel

Registered Sales Assistant- Financial Brokerage. Yep, you read that right- in the midst of baking pastry at 4am, for 8 short months, I worked for a large, well known brokerage, as a sales assistant. HATED IT.

Night Audit- Hotel

Marketing Assistant- Insurance Company (RFP’s and Proposals)

Waited Tables * whilst being marketing assistant*

Transition to Technology- Account Manager/Marketing/slave to the CEO of a start-up company  and then onwards.

Over the years, I’ve coordinated large events, small client meetings. I’ve juggled the needs of a frenetic CEO with managing relationships of contractors in Bangalore. I’ve built campaigns, baked bread, marketed a fertilizer company and wanted to blow my brains out listening to clients talk about how they are the smartest innovators of X ever. I’ve worked with amazing bosses, and ones that I would like to run over with a HUGE HUMMER on a narrow road. I’ve cleared dishes at a Mothers Day brunch that served 1000, and I write content about grass-fed and finished beef.

Believe it or not, there has been commonalities in everything I do- marketing and food. I’m either marketing something or making something, or some combination of the both.

I’ve learned A TON.

I’ve learned what to do.

I’ve learned what NOT to do.

I’ve been pushed to make 1200 flan in less than 3 hours.

I can assist in plating a dinner for 800 without making a peep.

I can shoot the shit with the chefs on the back dock as easily as I can speak to a room for marketing sales reps.

I’ve learned that I can’t swallow shit and say that it tastes delicious. I don’t have THAT particular corporate skill. If something is broken, I like to acknowledge that it’s effed and move on. I’ve never quite mastered the art of finessing to that point of corporate communication. I SUCK at playing the game. If someone is acting the fool, I’m most likely going to call them on it. If someone treats me or someone else like crap, unfortunately, I’m going to open my mouth and most likely get booted on my butt for it.

In my diverse path of dabbling, I’ve realized that I’m really good at working for people who are collaborators. I don’t do really well in the “dictatorship” environment. The minute you tell me “I’m your boss, you do what I say”, sadly, I’m out. I’ll go get canned ham in the middle of the night for an amazing singer because she said please, but I don’t take well to the other methodology of direction.

My point, what was my point? I’ve had a lot of jobs, I’ve built an interesting career. I’ve got skills, and I’ve brought things to the table. I can’t imagine being in the same role for 30 years, but for the life of me, I don’t know what I’m going to do next.