It occurred to me yesterday that I’m turning 37 this year.

37 sounds like a Godforsaken number. Ya, ya, I know the alternative is a big ole dirt nap, but let’s face it- nothing about the sound of 37 is sexy.

I was bemoaning this fact to my friend at lunch today while we were digging into our plates of green stuff. Healthy eating 2014 started 6 days late for us, but hell, we are doing it.

Back to 37. 37 sounds weird. Sounds old. Sounds odd. I really don’t like the way it makes me feel deep down in my stomach. It makes me feel…. OLD.

Snap out if it Grigal. Get over it. You are entering into your 37th year and you have the ability to do something with it. While I was driving home from healthy lunch, I decided I’m going to do 37 things this year that I’ve never done before. Of course, because I’m me, and I need to share, I decided to document them and then along the way, write about them.


Here is the list of 37 things I’m going to do in this, my 37th year.

1. Pick a color and finally paint my bedroom.

2. Take 37 Yoga classes

3. Do a 10K

4. Go to the top of the Stratosphere

5. Have a champagne picnic at a park.

6. Go to the dentist

7. Road trip to someplace I’ve never been before

8. Eat oysters by a body of water

9. Bottle feed a baby calf

10. Downsize my butt

11. See a concert outside

12. Plant a vegetable garden (and not kill it)

13. Start and finish a knitting project for me

14. Disconnect digitally for 72 hours (no cheating)

15. Gamble on an Indian Reservation

16. Make a new friend

17.  Drink a cup of coffee in the French Quarter

18. Pay a big bill off

19. Go 24 hours without cursing once

20. Paint a picture

21. Visit a family member I’ve not seen in at least a year

22. Take a picture every day for a month

23. Go to the Drive-In movies

24. Go to a museum that I’ve not been to before

25. Paint the trim in my den. Scratch that- repaint the entire den, from top to bottom.

26. Spring and Fall Clean my house and get rid of stuff each time.

27. Go to four different churches

28. Ride my bike to downtown Arlington and have a drink.

29. Take a golf lesson

30.  Volunteer out in the community at least 6 times.

31. Give blood (if I can)

32. Go 5 days without spending a dime on anything

33. Play Euchre

34. Ride a horse and/or a tractor

35. Throw a summer solstice party

36. Read 37 books that I’ve not read before

37. ____________________________________________________________ Open to suggestions.