I’m writing this evening. Today is November 3, 2020.
The eleventh month in the year of Covid-19.
My 43rd year.
On this night, I am gainfully employed. I have a leadership role at a company that I enjoy.
I own my house.
I have a lot of thoughts I don’t share with the majority of humans.
I listen to music more than I watch tv.
Tonight is election night. The candidates are President Donald Trump versus Former Vice President Joseph Biden.
It’s a shit show.
I have the privilege that many yearn for. I say this to keep myself grounded.
On this night, where I can’t bring myself to watch election returns, I think about those who are genuinely afraid of the outcome. Folks who don’t have it as easy as I do. Folks that are judged by their religion, the color of their skin, and/or who they chose to love, much less how they identify.
I am neither Republican nor am I a Democrat. Neither party speaks for me and my beliefs anymore.
I respect people enough not to tout bullshit platitudes about being upset about an outcome of an election.
I am confident in myself enough that I don’t hide behind religion to justify a vote for someone who is not aligned with my beliefs. Also, I think we as a nation, one that really loves religion to remember that there should be a separation of church and state. It’s kinda a thing that we forget a lot.
I am aware enough to know that many people are actually hurt by the way people vote. People have the right to be hurt, just as much as others have the right to vote for the candidate that suits them.
Here is the thing. Many people get on their high horses and talk about their principles. Democrat. Republican. Conservative. Cool, you do you.
Me? I’m just trying to navigate a life different than many.
I believe in different things.
I value different things.
I am smart enough to realize that I have a stupendous amount of privilege that others will never have. I know that there are folks, exponentially more educated than I that won’t have the chance to be at a job like mine, because of the color of their skin, the texture of their hair, or the way they spell their last name.
I don’t believe that anyone should be locked in cages.
I also think it’s bullshit that I, as a single female, pay more in taxes than a family of four does. Side note, it also annoys me that I can’t use my dogs as dependents, but that’s another rant for another time.
I don’t give TWO shits about who you chose to love/marry/sleep with. I don’t now, and I never will.
If you want to have a gun, go for it. If you need artillery of high powered war guns, I would like to understand the why, but that’s just me. I’m a clutz that has zero desire to shoot someone or to have a pile of guns in my house. But that’s just me. I do like it when my friends go hunting and bring me back pheasant and venison.
Oh yes, I am a woman.
I have, currently, a uterus.
I really don’t think anyone should make rules about what I can or can not do to my own body. Here is why- go talk to your God and pray for me if you must, but I like to believe in that silly ole separation of church and state. Let me handle my body and deal with the consequences after I take a dirt nap. I laugh that people are absolutely twitterpated about being asked to wear a mask, but have no problem telling women where they can/cannot get birth control or abortion if needed. I also bigly believe in providing sex education to teenagers and making access to birth control easy and not shameful. More birth control, fewer pregnancies, less need for abortions.
Many of you are hoping that things are going to be better tomorrow.
Me? I’m more afraid of tomorrow than I was yesterday and today.

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