Shockingly, I failed at blogging daily. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, who am I kidding? I’ll never get to be a 5 day a week blogger, unless someone is paying me to do so.

MEANWHILE, I am laying here in bed, strategizing my upcoming week (with two calendars, thank you very much) and I paused to listen to the sound of my big yellow dog snoring.

I’m oh-so-very thankful that he is here, snoring like an obese senior citizen. Actually, that kinda fits him. I’m just thankful that we got over this weeks dog drama and can live to see another week.

I’m thankful for friends, new and old.

I’m thankful for clarity that has been coming to me in the past two weeks. I could pontificate on that topic, but it’s old, boring and let’s face it, not worth a few more typed characters. Bottom line, it’s good to see things for what they REALLY are, as opposed to what I want them to be. Apply that to a number of situations, and you have glorious clarity.

I’m thankful for wine, and the friends I drink said wine with. Oh wait, I ended the sentence with a preposition. Crap. I’m thankful for the ability to call out nightmarish sentence structure, but I lack the desire to correct.

I’m grateful for resilience.

I’m thankful that I’m comfortable enough in my own life to enjoy moments of silence. I appreciate the ability to just be, rather than to fill the minutes with chaos and noise.

I’m thankful for the wisdom that comes with each year.

I’m grateful for the snark that comes with the age.

Finally, and this is the best part, it’s been three years since I was donkey punched with a diagnosis. It was hard to wrap my head around it then, and it’s glorious that today it’s barely a blip on my radar. I had a great appointment with TX Oncology less than 10 days ago. I have some WBC issues, but that’s because of the stupid infection that is plaguing my stupid ears. BTW- I think another stupid infection is brewing in my stupid ears, but I’m THANKFUL that I’ve found an ENT that listens to me. (See how I saved that one?)

I wish I could say that my life is a Pinterest Perfect Christmas Card life. But it’s not. I’m oh-so very flawed and I am thankful for the flaws, and the lessons that I’ve learned getting the flaws along the way.

My reality is mine, and for that, I’m thankful.