Oh, you know, it’s just practically perfect over here this morning on Lavender Lane. The air is crisp, Stan Getz is playing over the Echo, and I’m drinking what appears to be somewhat of a healthy smoothie concoction.

The four-legged creatures that drive me insane are actually more or less well behaved. One is wearing a dog sweater, the other is trying to get said dog sweater OFF the other dog. I’ll let you suss out who is who in this particular scenario.

Truthfully, I had to get through the past few weeks to really process the past few weeks. Life came at me pretty aggressively. I don’t know how else to articulate my thoughts on the past few weeks, other than it was a partial cluster f&*K (oh hey, look at me not being profane), and partially amazing.

I think that is the best way to describe this little life of mine- part cluster, part incredible. Depends on the hour, minute and the day.

As per usual, the past few weeks have been filled with introspection, injuries and internal inquiry. No major life decisions have been made, no incredible revelations, but instead just doing the work of being a semi-functioning adult.

Things I know to be true this Wednesday morning:

1.) Being honest with yourself is hard.

2.) Not injuring yourself, if you are predisposed to be a klutz, is even harder.

3.) Chasing something is different than working towards a goal. I’m trying hard to chase less (in general.)

4.) The older I get, the less I want to keep my mouth shut. This is not particularly new or shocking, but I find myself having to buy more duct tape these days to avoid offending people.

So, that’s my story morning glory. What is yours on this crisp fall morning?

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