Few Thoughts at the end of my second favorite holiday:
1.) I’m seriously annoyed to see three Christmas commercials tonight on tv.I’m so not ready for Christmas.
2.) My power locks and power windows stopped working a few hours ago. Any ideas? Please tell me that it’s a fuse.
3.) I’ve not gotten an email in 8 hours. I can’t decide if that’s normal, or I should be concerned. I’m taking it as a gift tonight and will deal with it manana.
4.) Wearing a tutu is fun. If you need a wrap up- I really enjoy wearing sparkles and now tutus. I am SUCH a girl.

I’d like to think that I could write an elaborate post about Halloween, but honestly, it was fun. I love seeing kids come up and get candy. I got a kick out of blasting Pandora Halloween Party. I enjoyed drinking my not-coffee out of my Wicked Witch coffee cup.

I really  enjoyed wearing a sparkly tutu.