You know your single friend? I know you all have a token single friend.
You know that one that you think should have all the extra time in the world since you know, they are single?
See, here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t realize, or have forgotten.
Your single friend takes care of everything. I mean, literally everything.
Your single friend is solely responsible for all financial things- taxes, bills, budget, etc.
Your single friend is the only one who is there to take care of all things house.
Your single friend is the shopper, the cleaner, the fixer, the errand runner, the appointment setter, the car maintenance person, etc.
If something has to be done, that one person is doing the thing.
Even if you feel that you do all of the work at your home, my guess is that your partner probably does a whole bunch too.
Next time you snark at your single friend for staying home to take care of something house related, or frankly life-related- give them a little slack.
There are many levels of single- single, no partner, but close family. Single, dating, but live in different households. Single, no partner, no family around.
There’s a lot of life out there that doesn’t look like yours. Next time you start to give a single friend shit for not being able to do something, instead give them a high five and tell them that you are proud of them for tackling all of the things.
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