I have managed to survive 2 months without a job. YAY me. OK, I know this is a wee bit dramatica, but without totally oversharing, the paycheck situation at the old co was at best, questionable, and not always timely. At the end, when we were “done,” we were “done.” No extra money floating around, blah blah yackity smackity.

I was ok for October- had planned out most of the bills about 2 months in advance. (The new way of doing things for the past 2 years), so I wasn’t really too terribly concerned about October. Sure, I tightened my belt, cancelled the fun subscription boxes, put my housekeeper on Hiatus (dear God, I miss her so), and said adios to manis/pedis and most of eating out. October came and went, and despite, not having a steady paycheck, I did ok.

Let’s move into November shall we? Ya, wasn’t feeling as confident about November as I was October. I instituted #nospendnovember. Essentially, I was only going to spend the bare minimum (bills and mission critical items). I paid the first round of bills and sat there at one point saying “how the eff am I going to do A, B & C?”

Things got so much easier when I got approved for unemployment benefits. First of all, how do grown human beings that have normal bills live on TWC Unemployment alone? I mean, if you don’t have savings, you would be literally forced to take the first job at McDonalds, because frankly, the weekly benefit pays just about half of my monthly expenses. Luckily, I had managed to squirrel away some savings over the past summer. BTW- remember this spring when I was working like a maniac taking on every single extra job humanly possible to dump into savings? THIS IS WHY. Back to unemployment… it’s giving me a little bit of sanity, which I so totally need. I’m not saying that I’m going to go run to Neiman Marcus and go balling big time, but it helps. It really helps.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief this morning when I paid the last of the bills for November. NOVEMBER IS PAID FOR. I still managed to pay a little extra on my car note, and another loan. I hate being in debt. HATE HATE HATE IT. I have renewed determination once things get back to normal to pay down the house/car as much as I can so that I don’t have to live in absolute fear should this (and it will) happen again.

Back to #nospendNovember. I have a problem and for once I’m glad to have it. I stock pile necessities. Yeah, you read that right. I have about 50 rolls of toilet paper, cans of tuna, big ole tub of oatmeal, and a freezer filled not with ice cream, but with healthy proteins and veg. Why? Because I am a fool who continues to work for start-ups. This happens to me about every three years, and you have to be prepared. You can’t have a pantry filled with tin foil and hot cocoa. That will simply not do. Basics in the house makes life easier if shit goes down. In my world, it always does, and it’s nice to have some food when you are trying to not spend a lot of extra money.

Have I spent money this month? Sure. I got a haircut, because I was starting to look like a weird mushroom head with really nasty roots. I got my eye brows maintained, because NO ONE WANTS TO HIRE BERT OR ERNIE.

Have I gone hog wild at Sephora or Ulta? Nah. That will happen when life balances out. Really don’t need anything.

Other things I feel like reporting in this manifesto of low import:

I have been totally abusive to my body this week. My friend Leslie has been shaking her head at me for days. I ate some foods that caused a total IBS meltdown. Ya, I willingly, and knowingly ate for almost 5 days foods (CORN)  that cause an IBS flare. SMART GIRL. Smart girl.  Side note, the food was delicious and I don’t regret. Viva La Fiesta Chicken! On Friday, I got lazy and didn’t take my second round of allergy meds, and the pressure got so great in my head that I had a minor ear rupture when I sneezed.  Again, great job me. YOU GO WITH YOUR BAD SELF.

The kicker of the week, and I mean, the icing on the mother effing proverbial cake was on Saturday, when I was heading out to run a few errands, and I sliced my heel, yeah, sliced, on some random metal edge on the bottom of my glass door. Today, I’m rocking three Avengers band-aids, and a half of bottle of liquid skin to keep it closed.

I’m trying to keep together. I’m really trying. I just feel like I’m literally getting in my own way more often than not.

Today is a new week, the halfway point of the month, and I’m standing upright, medicated, and renewed with the desire to kick a little ass, knit and find a job that is perfect for me.

Hasta la vista baby…



PS- there was a break from blogging this weekend, but I was thankful for lots of things. Just didn’t ramble about them.

PSS… I’m thankful today for the Lions beating Green Bay at MOTHER EFFING LAMBEAU FIELD. Holy baby cheesus. That was good.

PSSS- I guess the point of this blog is to give thanks that i am getting my shit together. Booya.