In honor of the month of November, aka, the kick off to eating season, I find myself in a place of deep, deep snark. I mean, epic snark, and struggling to find the grace to behave like a functioning, polite adult in most conversations.


I decided to jump on the “thanks” bandwagon and try to find something each day that I am more or less thankful for. If you have seen my attempts at this before, I’ve mentioned my thanks for grapes, because when they rot, they turn into wine, and I’ve also been thankful for cows, because they turn into delicious, heavenly steak.

So, without further ado, I offer for review, my daily thanks, complete with a lame Precious Moments graphic.


1. I give thanks for George, my new rescue dog. 50lbs of 11 month old half basset/half lab male pup. He is curious (like the monkey), sassy (like George Jefferson) and clumsy (like George of the Jungle.) He keeps me on my toes, and aware of anything I have laying around. You know, like a wooden spoon, or a $90 bra.

2. I give thanks for the fact that I can bend over and give myself a pedicure. With the personal economy being much like Greeces, I find myself eschewing the lavish expenditures at an Asian nail salon, instead trying to make my Fred Flintstone feet look less pre-historic, and more girl-like. I am thankful that I have a reason to get a job: to be able to get another pedicure, and I’m really thankful that it’s practically boot season, so that no one can see the HIDEOUS job I did today painting. It looks like a toddler, cracked out on Halloween candy did the job.

3. I’m thankful for the fact that I had over 200 kids last night come through trick or treating. I didn’t want/need any left over candy. Especially the Reeses pumpkins. Ya, I need to keep chanting that one. My ass thanks the kids, even if my brain is semi bitter.

Stay tuned for tomorrows installment of November Thanks.