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few thoughts post all-hallows eve

random me October 31, 2013

Few Thoughts at the end of my second favorite holiday:
1.) I’m seriously annoyed to see three Christmas commercials tonight on tv.I’m so not ready for Christmas.
2.) My power locks and power windows stopped working a few hours ago. Any ideas? Please tell me that it’s a fuse.
3.) I’ve not gotten an email in 8 hours. I can’t decide if that’s normal, or I should be concerned. I’m taking it as a gift tonight and will deal with it manana.
4.) Wearing a tutu is fun. If you need a wrap up- I really enjoy wearing sparkles and now tutus. I am SUCH a girl.

I’d like to think that I could write an elaborate post about Halloween, but honestly, it was fun. I love seeing kids come up and get candy. I got a kick out of blasting Pandora Halloween Party. I enjoyed drinking my not-coffee out of my Wicked Witch coffee cup.

I really  enjoyed wearing a sparkly tutu.





it all started with Vincent Price

random me October 28, 2013


God, I love Halloween. I love costumes, decorating, pumpkin themed stuff. More importantly than ANYTHING, I love, love, love Thriller.

Now, if you know me in the real world, you have to picture me this morning, doing the Thriller Dance in pj’s around my dogs.

It’s awesome.

Seriously though, this VIDEO used to scare the bejeezus out of me. I blame my sweet lovable Uncle Scott who made me watch it in my Grandparents basement. Or maybe, my Grandpa made me watch it. Either way, I blame the Carroll family.  These days, I feel it’s important to pass this bit of history down to the younger generations. Last week, I was babysitting two kids and we spent over an hour learning the thriller dance. Epic awesomeness.

These were the great days of MJ. When he was still black, still a observable male and more importantly, had the dance moves of a genius. How can you not want to start doing the thriller dance here and now?

The voice of Vincent Price used to spook me out, now I’m just proud that I know the entire thing.

Let’s be candid here: I’m a huge wimp. I hate, hate, hate, hate scary movies. I’ve never seen Poltergiest, Saw or anything with Freddy Krueger. I only know that 1-2 Freddy’s coming for you from one of my neighbors when I was a kid. NEVER have and never will see it. I finally saw the Exorcist last year, and I still am traumatized. Really, Thriller is about the speed in which I do scary. Barely scary with well choreographed dance moves.

In my perfect world, there would always be singing and dancing and someone doing a narration. Oh, and there would always be something baked and decorated thematically.

So, there you have it. The random musings of Michael Jackson and Halloween all before 9am on Monday morning.

Be awesome this week and don’t buy stupid candy for the trick-o-treaters. You know what I’m talking about- don’t buy the cheap ass stuff. Kids need the good stuff. They don’t need tootsie rolls or dum-dums. They need Kit-Kats and Reeses.

Or maybe I do.