no, not me, my blog.

she needed a makeover.


botox was not going to cut it. (ok, that’s me, not my site)

i’ve nipped & tucked, and well, run out of ideas.

it’s a work in progress (just like me), but at least she got a new outfit.

or something like that.

i suck at blogging, but want to be better.

really, i want to write a book, but first, i’m going to challenge myself to blog.

hence the makeover.

maybe i’ll write more?

i need a project that isn’t work. need. need it like a fat kid needs cake.

i’m in a rut.  i work, i sleep, i do it all again.

i’m barely cooking. (despite my size).

i’m barely knitting.

i’m barely doing life.

hence, the makeover.

maybe giving the old gal a new look might inspire me.



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