Things that make me happy:

1.) The ten day forecast doesn’t have a single day over 79 degrees. Welcome Texas fall. Welcome boots, jeans, and perhaps a fleece or 5.

2.) I’ve been wearing a sweatshirt all day long. A big ole sweatshirt and jeans.  No make-up and I just feel good. Might not be fancy, but it feels SOO normal. You can take the girl out of Michigan, but there is still enough of a Michigan girl that is recognizable.

3.) Two snoring dogs that are being nice to each other.

4.) A renewed desire to go to work out at least 3 days this week. Oh my ever growing ass and a love of carbs. Can someone just PLEASE staple my mouth shut?

5.) A determination not to buy Halloween candy until Friday. See, number 4 and remember what happened this month with the reeses. REMEMBER.. DONT EVER FORGET.

6.) My furnace kicked on. God, I love the smell of the first time it turns out.

7.) I’m going to get a job this week. Trust.