randomness at the late hour on a sunday evening:


1.) I’m insanely superstitious about sporting events. In fact, I blame myself for Michigans loss today because I actually watched the game.

2.) Some days I just need zero human interaction. It needs to be a movie watching, no bra wearing, eating whatever I want, kind of day.

3.) After a jillion years, I still get excited when I get texts from certain people.

4.) I’m currently watching Funny Girl for the 120th time. Maybe 150th time. Hello Gorgeous.

5.) I don’t suffer fools lightly.

6.) I’m trying to make a decision about something that will impact my life, my free time and my patience. ┬áIn my head, getting pregnant would be the perfect solution to this situation. Medical miracle, but it’s the only thing I can think of that can excuse me from this project. “Sorry, I can’t do that, I’m pregnant. Sorry, I don’t want to do that, I need to rest. Sorry, I can’t lift that, I’m in a delicate position…” Oy.

7.) I’m rather angry that I didn’t win the lotto on Friday. I had very large plans that involved paying off some bills AND taking a month nap at a resort with my dogs and getting massages and pedicures every other day.

8) I’m oh-so-very ready for consistent good weather. I’m ready to plant flowers, tend my garden and start something new.

9. My D key isn’t working all of the time. That’s my story for any misspellings and bad typos.