First and foremost, I’ve recently discovered this song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings and I’m obsessed. It was released in 1978, and I honestly never heard it until this summer. I am flat out in love with this song and it’s just about such bad things. Whereas this song is not about storylines, for your listening pleasure, I offer you this little nugget from the seventies.

Now that I’ve shared with you my latest song love, let’s talk about my thoughts around storylines.

Definition of story line

the plot of a story or drama

While meditating today, I listened to a session around getting past the storylines that you create in your own mind. It gave me such pause, and here is why: without storylines, what on earth do people think about? I create a storyline for every single scenario.

I hear a noise in the back of my house and immediately craft a story that some creature has gotten into the house and obviously is starting a new family in my laundry room.

Someone is late for a lunch appointment? Surely this means that they have run away to have the worlds greatest adventure.

A guy doesn’t call me back, or ghosts after a few dates? Alien abduction. The end.

My brain has always created storylines for every possible scenario and I didn’t realize until today, that by doing so, I was creating a false narrative that eventually I would begin to believe myself.

When you are a pretty lonely kid living away from most humans, you find ways to entertain yourself- for me, I was either rabidly reading anything I could get my hands on, or creating up entire stories in my head.

Listening to the meditation tonight about not letting the storylines you create in your head become a reality blew me away. Is there a way to stop a brain from creating these narratives?

Am I the only one who creates storylines? Is this normal or have we finally found the reason why I need to go take a long medically induced nap?

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