I sit on my back patio on this chilly morning, thinking that my life is a little like Ground Hog Day- the movie, not the actual made up holiday.

Every morning, I wake up, let the dogs out, throw in a load of laundry, pick up the random crap that the puppy destroyed the day before and then sit down and start working.


I feel the need to shake things up. To do something different. To readjust the mind-numbing schedule that I have fallen into. I might as well be Mr. Rogers donning the same cardi and flipping shoes for all the excitement that my life includes of late.

No, seriously. Each day, I deal with campaigns (oohh, are we spiking high in CPA?), I navigate the waters of the non profit I volunteer for (did we get A, B and C out yet?- Um, nope), I battle George Jefferson, the dog, and probably spend more time instant messaging with my cousin than we need to. My days have patterns, rhythm and consistency.

My biggest deep thought this morning? How do I clear the surfaces in my kitchen. Seriously? That’s what I ponder?

I need to shake things up. I need to do more things that involve variety. I need to drink more champagne and see different things.

Speaking of different things, I went to the Fort Worth Rodeo last night- the real one, not the Stockyards one that I went to a million years ago. It was awesome. I went with a great group of girls. I literally drank champagne in the front row of the rodeo, laughed my ass off, and decided that bull riders are inexplicably sexy (despite their beat up faces). I need more nights like last night. I need more nights living life rather than worrying if a campaign is going to make spend.



I’ve gotta break this cycle of incredible boring life or I’m going to end up like Bill Murray losing his shit in Puxatony, PA.

Adventures… I need. Trips… I crave. CHANGES, people, CHANGES.