As I lay in bed, on this, the first day of 2016, aka, what will be my 39th (and then we stop counting) year, I do declare my resolutions. Nay, I strongly resolve to:

1. Be ok with life as it is today.
2. Take more chances
3. Finish a freaking 10K
4. Make thine ass less planetary
5. Summer on a lake in a state that’s great.
6. Embrace Naps
7. Instead of spending time online, spend time outdoors
8. Monitor the use of the word “I.” Replace it with “We”

I Resolve To

I should probably resolve to spend more time honing the fine art of bloggity blogging, but lets’ face it, that ain’t going to happen. I blog like I date sporadically, with passion and then some dry spells.

Perhaps, it’s time to break the blogging dry cycle?

I resolve to have a year less shitty than this past 2015. Holy balls in a basket, did it suck. In January, my glorious pup, Guster hit the big dog park in the sky. My ears were on fire for most of the year. People around me are fighting cancer. I did something really stupid to my foot and am in Frankenboot. Oh ya, my start-up crumbled. I’m sure there is so much more, but thankfully, I’m blocking most of the shitty stuff out.

I resolve to be more present in life, and put down the mother effing phone more. I swear to Jesus, now that I am aware of the problem, I loathe seeing people OUT at a restaurant or bar heads down looking across at their damn Facebook feed instead of being in the moment of what they are doing. It’s unnerving and frankly a bit narcissistic.

I resolve move my ass more. Every year I say this, but let me tell you- being limited for the past 3 weeks due to frankenboot has made me crave physical activity. Yes, me. I need to swap out my darling carb habit with some basic movement inclusions every day. You know, walk the dog. Hop into downward dog and hold it there.

This upcoming year is a significant transition year for many reasons.  It’s all about choice, change and doing the right thing.

Love to all that read this. Be awesome this year, why don’t you?