Directly copied and pasted from last years resolutions. Not so shockingly, I’m still thinking the same things. Including nutritive versus cheesy and leopard print.
2013- Goal

1.) Eat less shit food and more delicious, healthy food. Challenge myself to cook with purpose instead of pure gluttony. Aka, nutritive versus cheesy, gooey deliciousness.
2014 Update: Still bitching about cheese.
2013- Goal

2.) Move more. The world is not going to come crashing down if I don’t start working every morning before 7am. Use that time as my own and walk/jog/gym.

2014- Update.

So ya. The gym. Need to reunite. You know you are in a bad place when you announce loudly in a French restaurant “my waist is being suffocated by my jeans.”

2013 Goal

3.) Work on my leopard print problem. I really need to ease off this Peg Bundy thing I’ve got brewing. Amendment to Resolution #3- Modify the amount of daily leopard. Perhaps one shouldn’t wear a sweater, gloves and undergarments on the same day. Use the leopard like a spice- a little goes a long way…

2014 Update

Um. So. Ya. 

Ongoing process.

2013 Goal

4.) Say yes more often. Pull the stick out of my sizable ass (refer back to resolution #2) and stop worrying about stuff. Just have fun. But not too much leopard print fun (cross reference resolution #3)

2014 Update

I’m honestly doing better at this one. Rather proud.

2013- Goal

5.) Be ok with the fact that sometimes people just do/act/think/say things in a very different way that I do. Know that there isn’t anything I can do to change them and just focus on good things. Sub resolution a. – realize that sometimes friendships have an expiration date.

2014- Update

I’m awesome. If people don’t like me, they can kiss my grits.


My main goal this year is to keep my head above water.

Keep the house dry.

Keep the dogs healthy.

Find some happiness.


The rest of the stuff, it will happen. Or it won’t. Either way, I’m a big ole work in progress.