As I grow older, I realize that after 20 days of running around like an idiot, I need to take time to check out from the world and recharge my batteries.

I’ve noticed that my needs are different than others- Some get fueled on constant interaction, and frankly, I get drained.

My life lately has been chaotic. Heck, it always is, but the intensity of late has been very high. Family stuff has been high on my mind, I’ve got a petulant gall bladder that is causing me some consternation, and well, work has been thrillingly busy, but absolutely draining at the same time.

Yesterday, I shut down. I watched movies, slept more than I was awake, and generally took on the appearance of a slug. It was amazing. I woke up this morning renewed, refreshed and recharged.

I woke up this morning with a sense of purpose as opposed to a sense of dread (like I did on Friday morning.) I actually planned my menu for the week. I took the four leggeds for a walk. I showered AND got dressed in grown up clothes (as opposed to the tank top and yoga pants that were my uniform last week.)

I look to this week with excitement as opposed to dread.

This feels good.


How do you recharge your batteries?