Almost missed tonights blogging episode because i got SUCKED into a show called “Being Mary Jane.”

Holy crap, it’s GOOD. I mean, it’s really good. Smart, sexy, strong topics, and the girl leaves post-its all over the house like me. Sadly, that’s about the only thing I have in common with her- she is tall, thin, has exceptional good hair and drives a sports car. I’m not tall, not thin, have moderately decent hair and drive a mom-mobile, minus the kids. She does appear to like to bake, so we have that going for us, but there the similarities end. She has hot men knocking (literally) on her door. Um. No. She does have someone in her phone called “Do Not Answer” and I have someone named “IF YOU ANSWER THIS NUMBER YOU OWE CAREN MONEY.” So.. maybe there are a few similarities. Anyways… I digress.

Today’s thanks:

1. I’m thankful for Lacie. She hooks me up, makes my hair look NOT like a mom, nor lets me do crazy crap like dyeing it back to the original color. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT. I might have broke #nospendnovember, but this was a budgeted item, and I can’t interview with hair that looks like a mushroom. #justification

2. I’m thankful that when my bra broke today in public, I was wearing a sweatshirt. Yes, another bra fought the battle and lost. Sad day in the bra drawer. Side note: George somehow got hold of a bright pink bra and was running through the house. It was a sight to behold people, a sight to behold.

3. I’m thankful that I have a good memory (for the most part) and remember most exceptional moments in life.

4. I’m thankful that I live alone and can crank up the heat when I want to and not be cold. Because I am ALWAYS cold. Actually, wait.. if i didn’t live alone, I would have someone in bed, and then I wouldn’t be cold. Hmmm. Or, I just pay Atmos fuel money each month and not have to deal. Sigh. Spinsterhood is taking a toll on me.

5. I’m thankful that I am not a slave to fashion and am totally geeked out about wearing a “vintage” t-shirt with a big ole buck on it with sequined antlers. BEST SHIRT EVER. I mean, if you got a good rack, you might as well bling it out.


Yes, that was two passive thanks to things to do with my boobs, one to being single, one to my hair stylist and one general thanks for not forgetting everything. I said it was a quickie tonight. Quickies satisfy the requirement, but don’t always go all the way.

More tomorrow.


PS.. I crave flannel sheets.

PSS… Cancer is the stinky kid in the classroom that never takes a shower. We all want you to go away cancer. WE ALL THINK YOU STINK. Amy, forgive the lame metaphor. My brain is tired. Better things ahead. Tuesday will be EPIC to help you power through chemo. XOXOX