Good morning from Lavender Lane.

Tis Thursday, the first Thursday of football season.

There is a chill in the air.

I’m snuggled under my Buffy comforter blasting music throughout the house.

The dogs are starving, staring at me, begging me for sweet mercy (or at the very least a scoop or two of kibble.)

My air conditioning is not running. It is the perfect morning. I can only think of one or two things that could make this morning better. One being room service delivered to my house complete with bagel and lox from a hotel on a hill in northern Michigan (i know, I know, random) and a big ass Starbucks Medicine Ball hot tea.

I should be doing cardio. Or yoga. Or chasing Georgie who currently is sprinting across the house with one of my favorite Rothys in his mouth.

Instead, I’m just laying here, listening to the rain drip off the trees and am just content.

Have a good day, ok?

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