has been upon this house.

No, really.

Since I last posted the following has happened, either to the house, or to me:

1.) An armadillo created a rather luxurious home along the side of my house.

2.) Locust eating wasps decided to make my front yard their home. Seriously, these BASTARDS  made their way to my yard.

3.) A week later, I’m barely over this one: I woke up to find a toad in my toilet. Yes, it came UP through the pipes.

Pictorial evidence here:




But wait, there is more: Last Thursday, I was feeling ick. Really ick. Turns out I had been walking around with a raging Upper Respiratory infection and double ear infection. YAY ME. I then was put on some very very strong antibiotics and slept the better part of 4 days only to come up for air, food, dog duty and the occasional Facebook Stalking.

Tomorrow, is a new day.

Thursday, I go to the ancestral manse, or rather, the house on James Street. Shenanigans surely to ensure. Or rather, and more likely, I will be calling a select group of humans to a.) rescue me b.) drink with me c.) take me to the bar and just leave me there. OR, it could be a magical time. Let’s hope for magical. Otherwise, I have a friend within walking distance of my ‘rents house, and I might just find myself showing up on his front yard.

Which leads me to tomorrow:

1.) Pretend I’m on a reality show and pack for 5 days in a simple Vera Bradley duffel, because I’m a dumbass and didn’t replace the suitcase that I threw away in April. I will pretend I am a dude and only bring the bare essentials. Snort. Or, I could take up one of the two offers from my girlfriends and borrow one of theirs. OR, I could use one of my 9 other suitcases.

2.) Must buy dog food. And American Cheese. (Also for the dogs, not me,  to hide their meds)

3.) Oh, you know, get caught up on work.

4.) Walk

5.) Birthday lunch with a darling girlfriend.

6.) Wade my way through my call sheet.

Finally, I’m going to pray that when I go outside tomorrow there aren’t any new locusts, frogs, plagues, or other creepy things.

Tomorrow is a new, plague free kinda day.


Love ya more than my luggage. Really, I mean it.