Tonight I entered into a conversation with a friend about passion. It was a roundabout conversation- started with the lament of someone eschewing stability for passion. Meh. Passion.

When I think of the word Passion, I think of three things: 

  • the horrible, horrible tv show from the 90’s- Click HERE for a blast from the past
  • the passion you find at closing time at the bar (or so I’ve heard…ahem)

this song. yes, seriously, this song. i passionately love this song like a fat kid passionately loves cake:

But in reality, please do the following and I’ll be in passionate bliss: Give me my labradors, a solid bottle of red and maybe some chocolate. That’s my idea of passion.

Perhaps I could get all hot and bothered talking about my imaginary outdoor kitchen- complete with a ceiling fan, pizza oven, wine fridge and a big ass gas grill. That’s my new passion.  Oh, and a fire pit with cozy chairs. Wait- and a kick ass big ole table for the world to congregate. And wine. Did I mention wine? I’m passionate about my imaginary outdoor kitchen.

I’m passionate about my people.

I’m sadly passionate about the proper use of a good animal print as a solid accessory. Too much- you look like a hooker (or Peg Bundy- been there, done that.)  Too little, it doesn’t have the necessary bam.

I’m passionate about feeding people. All the people. I just realized I had guests over multiple times today and I didn’t offer food. What the living hell is wrong with me? Ah yes, I can blame my total lack of hostess skills on Guster. Right? I’m still kinda out of it. Or I was just rude. PS- I let people in my house and it wasn’t very clean. Sigh. Somewhere, Jude is having a stroke and Martha had chills. Neither knew it was because I am a borderline housekeeper. Passionate about cleaning, I am not.

I’m passionate about dogs. Specifically dogs of Labradorian lineage. Duh. If you’ve met me, you know this to be true.

That’s my passion.

I’m sure there are other things I like well enough. Maybe I need to step it up and find something to be stupidly passionate about. Or maybe I’ll just keep on living the life that was meant for me?


Just some thoughts… good night.