Now, I’m not a particularly religious person. Born & raised in the Catholic church, over the years, I have kinda defined my own thing spiritually. What that means to me is I don’t typically haul my butt to church on a weekly basis and try to avoid being a ChristEaster Catholic. Instead of attending a weekly service, where I find myself more tuned into peoples hair, purses and accessories, I’ve spent most of the last decade spending some quiet time on Sunday mornings. Some Sundays, I dig in the dirt and play with my flowers. Other times I pick up a yoga class, and more often than not, I found an excuse to lay around with my pups and just zone out for a few minutes.

All of this being said, lately, I’ve been thinking about the 10 Commandments. The why is not really worth sharing, but I feel like one is missing. Therefore, I declare the 11th Commandment to be: “Don’t be an asshole.”

It reminds me of that little thing that people do with Chinese Fortune cookies- after you read the fortune, you say “in bed.” For me, you could do one of the following- attach a “, don’t be an asshole” after the original ten, or perhaps just set it out by itself.

I have to believe that people are inherently good people. We all try to be decent in the space that we take up on this earth while we are breathing. However, in my increasing years (oh, the increasing years), I find that it gets easier and easier to slide in a little assholery. Some snark. Some comment, some dig. Yes, I admit to being an asshole every now and then.  Lately though, I’ve been shown exceptional examples of non-assholery and I would like to pay it forward in some way.

My only resolution this year that I feel worth focusing on (aside from the typical shrinking of the ass, eating less cheese and chocolate and wearing less leopard) is focusing on being less of an asshole. Intentional awareness (and prevention) of the ability to slide into assholery.


So there you have it. My 11th Commandment.