And on whatever day of the month this is, I give thanks and also say… 

Thank you to the people that give a rip about me.

Thank you to the Dog Jeffersons for mostly behaving today.

Thank you for an impromptu happy hour with girlfriends.

Thank you to the amazing council I get to work with this year.

My friend who sent me a Groupon for the most delicious of food.. Prince, I’m coming to you.

Thank you to my Sustaining Advisor who made TURKEY themed cupcakes. No, seriously. Here is a picture…

turkey thanks

Thanks to you to my clients that have paid their invoices.

Thank you to the makers of Nyquil Gel Tabs. Hopefully, the head returns to feeling better by the morning.

I will not thank the following:

  • Mountain Cedar Trees- you are bastards. I hate you. You make me feel like I’m going to die during the happiest time of the year, the glorious months of  November and December.
  • Raccoons that eat my trash. You nasty foul creatures. Why, oh why?
  • My Samsung Note. Piece of crap battery keeps dying.

In full disclosure, I kinda screwed up #nospendnovember, by purchasing a glass of wine tonight. I needed a break from myself and the dogs. I found myself having entire conversations with George today. That is the beginning of insanity right?

PS… I’ve been playing with the format of the blog. Any thoughts?

PSS… No puking thoughts going out to my friend who did the gross chemo today.

PSSS… Man, Nyquil hits fast. I better finish this before I tell y’all what I really think.