As I write this post, I am currently ensconced at the parentals casa in Michigan. It’s snowing, the sun has decided to take a runner, and the smell of food is emanating throughout the house.

I’m leaving in 13 hours and for the most part, it’s been a lovely, fast visit. I’ve gotten to hang with my parents, see a movie with  my brother, throw some money in a slot machine, and see one of my oldest sweet friends and her darling husband. We’ve eaten a ton, talked a ton, and watched a fair amount of television.

Things I’ve observed:

1.) Food is and always will be a primary conversation: what to eat, what’s to eat, what will be eaten next. Why I have a large ass is no surprise.

2.) Order and process is key. I eschew both. ‘Nuff said.

3.) Basketball is King. Correction, UofM basketball first, then the rest of the Big 10, minus the ohio state.

4.) Simple things are made large.

Good trip, good times, ready to get home to my black dog. Miss her, miss my house, miss my queen sized bed.

Onwards to the merry month of March. I’m hoping it’s going to be a little magical. I hope that it will be better than February and exponentially more awesome than January.

I wish for calm, for peace and for plenty of good times with my people. I wish for no more snow & ice. I wish for naps when needed and time to dig in my flowers.

Oh, by the way, if you have read this you are on notice: it is birth month. you have 30 days to deliver tributes in the form of trinkets, treasures and jewels.

PS- I can do anything for 13 more hours… I can keep my mouth shut, i can be sweet, I can be patient.

I can be a good daughter.